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27 February 2010
It goes well with mothers and kittens. So nothing new. They have all followed each other in terms of diarrhea as you can see on the weight lists, but they are doing well. They play a lot and eat well. And they are so cuddly. But I must say that they hurt us every now and then;-). See photo in which 1 of the kittens tries to climb up via my pants. With a pair of jeans you do not feel much, but when you wear thin trousers it really hurts. And then the daily practice. Try to scoop the litter box.... Instead of scooping pee balls or faeces you scoop kittens in all directions ... They jump in the litter box, beat the scoop, climbing on your back and so on. A disaster is and hard work. But of course we laugh a lot. Yet a few weeks and then the kittens will leave for their new home. So for now we just enjoy ourselves as long as we can.
20 February 2010
It was quite a challenge taking 9 kittens to our vet, but luckily I had help from Hennie. Since it was not easy putting them all in cages and carrying them. So thanks again Hennie! But at our vet they behaved very well. And all are healthy. Of course I already knew that, but it's nice to hear;-). The kittens have no more medication and they had been wormed again. They are doing very well. In four weeks they will have their second vaccination and we have to take them to the vet again. But then they will be a lot heavier….. Help! Last Wednesday I took Marilyn and Sam for their second vaccination. And yes they are healthy too. Sam has already passed the 2 kg (about 5 pounds)! That is a lot for 12 weeks young! I am so lucky with these litters!

I also got some good news. Kitten 2 of Mia has been adopted too by family Kloet and will be called Silas from now on! I want to thank the family Kloet for the adoption of this lovely kitten. He will have a wonderful life with this family. Besides the human attention they also have a few other cats and a lovely dog who is used to cats. So enough new friends to play with. I sold this kitten quicker then I would hope for and this time with the help of Hermelinda. She referred this family to me. So Hemelinda thanks again for your help!

Brutus & Sam
Mambo & Marilyn
Astrid with Bruce
13 February 2010
The kittens follow each other fast. But the symptoms are minimal. This is because I give them all medication. As you can see the kittens didn’t lost a lot of weight and also not for long. It is going well. But all our females are in heat. They make us and our neighbors crazy. They scream so loud! I think that the diarrhea symptoms are partly due to the condition of the milk from the mothers. When the females get into heat their milk deteriorates. Since our other cats have no symptoms. And this is something I almost have with every litter around this age. Furthermore it is strange that I don’t spread this in our home. Ok I wash my hands a lot, but you would think that after a while it spreads anyway. But to be sure I keep them apart until all of the kittens are well. I'm glad it is doable. Next Monday all 9 kittens will have their first vaccination. Hennie will go with me. Because I think that it is difficult to transport 9 kittens alone. And this coming Friday Marilyn and Sam will have their second vaccination. They then will be 12 weeks ‘young’. Time runs fast. Here are a few pictures that I've taken earlier this week. As you can see they are all very playful and active.

Unfortunately some sad news. The people who bought Snorro (male kitten 2 from Mia) had to cancel the sale. This due to some personal problems. Yes, these things happen, but I can understand their decision. I hope to find kitten 2 a new and good home soon.
Marilyn, Sam & Maya
Marilyn & Mambo
7 February 2010
Poor Igor had lost weight again. I didn’t understand what was going on with this little one since he was the only one with diarrhea and nausea. So back to the vet for an FIP test. There isn’t a real FIP test, but what they do is the following. They test their blood for about six different things. If all of those tests turn out bad (positive), then it is likely that the cat has FIP. But the test didn’t show any bad blood values. Everything was normal. I was happy of course, but thought what could it be? In the mean time I had to separate Igor. But he could sleep with me since I didn’t want him to miss his brothers, sisters and mother so badly. But a few days later Bubbles got sick too. She also vomited and had diarrhea. After that I knew for sure. It is just a stomach virus ... So now I give all the kittens and mothers metranidazol and hopefully I got this under control very soon. Gladly they feeling well overall. Except for their weight loss. I am also glad that so far just a few of my kittens have diarrhea. But I treat all of them anyway. Furthermore, good hygiene is very important. But I always clean daily. So that isn’t a problem for me. Gladly the kittens are still very playful. But I can’t let them in my living room for now. Don’t want my other cats getting sick also. But they will have their room,  the hall, kitchen and bathroom to play in. But gladly they don’t mind since they don’t know any better. Marilyn and Sam are doing very well. They are so big and Mambo loves to play with them.

Meanwhile I have sold kitten 2 and kitten 6. I would like to thank Bob and Dana for adopting kitten 2 who will be called Snorro from now on. Snorro is the name of the hero from a children’s theater play. Snorro, the masked hero. I Also want to thank Astrid and Arjen for adopting kitten. He will be called Bruce from now on. I find all my kittens a nice future home. I am so thankful! They all will have a great life!

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