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13 December 2009
Yesterday I had a lovely day. First I paid Tammo and Maggie (and their pixiebob Skyler) a visit. They have recently moved and live a stone's throw from here. They have a really nice house and Skyler has everything a cat wants. Besides that she gets a lot of attention they also play a lot with her. She is such a sweet and beautiful lady! It was very nice seeing you again and thanks for your hospitality and the cat food you gave me! My cats will love it! Here are a few pictures of Skyler.

Yesterday Gerdie and Wietse paid me a visit too. This was the first time they saw Sam in person. I got also treated to a delicious bottle of wine and some toys for Sam and Marilyn (for when they are a bit bigger). So sweet! Thanks again! Yes, Sam and Marilyn are still very small, but they already are looking a bit curious around them. Next thing you know they are as big and playful as Mambo. Yes, Mambo .... He must play and sleep in the box with Sam and Marilyn. It does give a full house, but so cute. But I will keep a close eye on him. Although it’s all about playing for him, he does not understand that they aren’t so strong yet. And these poor little ones fall over when Mambo gives them a little hit. So he only may in the box under our supervision. Sorry Mambo for that! Gerdie and Wietse, again thanks for the adoption of Sam and for the nice gifts! Here are a few pictures of the young ones that I've taken on December 11. I also updated their weight list until yesterday.
6 December 2009
Their eyes are open by now. In a few more days they will hear us also. For now only a few pictures from Sam and Marilyn taken on the 6th of December. They grow so fast as you can see on their weight list.
2 December 2009

Just a short note. Both kittens have already found a future home! I'm so happy!! The boy will go to Wietse and Gerdie in France and the female called Marilyn will live with Callista and Ben in Germany!! I want to thank them all and I know that both kittens will have a wonderful life with these lovely people. And now you probably think ..... that’s a coincidence! Both will move abroad! Well that's certainly a coincidence, but what also is a coincidence is that they both will live with a Dutch family that both emigrated. Wietse and Gerdie started a bed & breakfast in France.
Their link is:
Le Manoir du Chagnot.
They live beautiful! New pictures will follow soon. For now, a funny photo of Mom, the kittens (a little out of sight .... sorry for that) and Mambo. But to recoup I did made a weight list. They grow really fast!

28 November 2009
Yesterday morning I took Maya to my vet. The whole night she was restless and digging in her box. She was ready to deliver, but she had no contractions. There are 2 kittens born by caesarean and I had her spayed at the same time. Since Maya has had enough litters and I do not want her to have such a heavy pregnancy again. I actually thought that no kittens would survive, because I didn’t felt any movement and it took so long. So I was very surprised when the vet told me that she had two kittens and they both are doing well! But I will keep an eye on moms and her kittens, because you never know. It’s still a big surgery. Maya got one male kitten with a short tail, same length as a Major and small curl at the end and one female kitten with a long tail. What a great combination! The male weighed 119 grams at birth and the female 101 grams. Beautiful weights. Only the male has some trouble finding a good nipple, so I keep my fingers crossed. Only last night - after I had fed him myself - he drank from one of Maya’s nipples for the first time. I hope he continues to eat himself otherwise I need to feed him myself temporarily. Yes, these last few days were very stressful for Maya and also for me, but I'm very relieved and hope that everything continues to go well. Here are a few pictures of Mom and the kittens. I did not photograph them separately yet, because I do not want to give Maya too much stress for now. But new pictures of the kittens separately will follow soon. I also have a few funny pictures of Maya and Mambo. When Maya was ready to give birth (only without the contractions), suddenly she thought that Mambo was her kitten!! During her whole pregnancy she disliked Mambo and now she wants to cuddle and feed him! She even tried to drag him by the skin of his neck and Mambo was allowed to drink her milk. Yes, cats are crazy creatures.... Furthermore, Mambo had his first vaccination yesterday. And he behaved very well. He even slept during the ride in my car! Mambo weighed 1 kilo yesterday.
24 November 2009
Sleeping with Maya is no success. Then she wants to eat, then she wants to use the litter box, then lie on top of me ... I got hardly any sleep at all! I find it strange that I feel no movement in her belly. I keep my fingers crossed. If she won’t deliver on time I will take her to my vet for a c-section and to neuter her. But I have to wait and see since she is doing very well. She purrs when I cuddle her, she eats well and is still full of energy. Also Macy and Mia are doing fine. I can feel that Mia has a big, hard belly more than Macy does. Would my wish for small litters come true? This to make things easier for me ;-). Furthermore Mambo now sleeps in Brutus his room. And this goes very well too. Not that they sleep next to each other - this is something Mambo would like - but they do play with each other and when Mambo isn’t so active, he gets a face wash too from Brutus. Mambo and Brutus are only separated when we aren’t home or when we are sleeping. But unfortunately Brutus doesn’t dare to leave his room yet. But gladly he loves Mambo’s company. So cute!

I received a few nice updates. Starting with Tammo & Maggie about their Skyler. Recently they moved nearby where I live and I will pay them a visit in December. This is what they wrote to me.
Skyler had to adjust to their new home, but she is already their little heroine as they know her. She has grown a lot and now weighs 5kg. She is very heavy to hold and they are curious where this will end up! She became friends with their guinea pigs (see photo) and loves to lounge in the sawdust with the other little, fat pets and cuddle them. The guinea pigs find Skyler a bit odd, especially in the beginning. And they keep some distance. But that's obviously in their nature. Such a large, hairy animal they can’t trust completely ;-). Skyler still uses the toilet. And she prefers Maggie and Tammo to keep an eye on her while doint so. She wants to show how good she is ;-). Tammo & Maggie now play two games with Skyler: hide-and-seek and tag. Very funny! Maggie and Tammo will hide somewhere in their home
- sitting/standing/lying down - and call “Skyler” from that spot. Then Skyler will look for them until she finds them. Unfortunately not vice versa;-). But tag is her favorite game. She taps with her paw or paws at your leg, arm, chest or head and then she runs away till they catch her.
What a story and yes, I want to see this for myself next time! Thanks for the pictures and this funny, special update! See you soon!

I also got an update from Eke who has adopted Izzy and Dixie. This is what she wrote me.
Friday was the big day ..... The annual Cats MOT testing! She already has her cats at the same date to be vaccinated, but this time Eke decided to bring her cats to the vet herself instead of the vet coming to her home. Since the cats are at home a lot more venomous and besides Eke likes her hands to be save this time ;-). So she traveled with 6 baskets in her car and had to listen to their choir! Borris beats the band! He cried so hard that his throat is still hoarse! The beebs (she is referring to Izzy and Dixie) meowed, but thought we'll see .... It was quite a job with 6 cat to the vet! More than 30 kilos of cat lifting up and down the stairs! Gladly all healthy and approved for one year! Izzy .... 6.5 kilo and Dixie 5.5 kilo! But not too fat! But the vet assistant said ......" What do you give them to eat? For months I am trying to put some weight on my own cats!" So Eke told her that she gives them RC sensible33 and Ecostyle. They love it and it works for them. Eke was glad that this operation was over, since it was a difficult task to do on your own! But then again it will last a year!
Well Eke, I would not swap with you! I find it even hard when I have to take two cats to the vet. Let alone 6 or in my case 11! Therefore I wonder what you will do next year;-). Eke, thanks for this nice and funny update of your dear ones.
Churchill & Mckenzie
McKenzie, Churchill & Azraël
20 November 2009

I received an update of Churchill with thanks to Erica. She wanted me to show how her sweet cats spend their weekend. The cats on her bed are Churchill, Mackenzie and Azraël. And on the bench - in a very relaxed position - is Churchill. Erica wrote me that they have such a hard life !!!!! Yeah right! I love to trade places if I could! Erica, thanks for the update and photos. And I see you soon! Again, get well soon!

I also received an update of Tommy with thanks to Frencis and Piet. They wrote me that Tommy chatted and cried a lot lately. So they decided that it was time to spay him. And this on Friday the 13th!! But despites the 13th everything went well. In the morning they took him to their vet. He looks very tough, but he isn’t actually. He was a bit scared of all those dogs at the vet. But the surgery went well and in the evening when he could eat again, they gave him some treats. They also stayed home during the weekend to give him a lot of attention. Because it is very sad to lose your manhood;-). Poor Tommy! But gladly - I know from experience - they will heal very quick after this surgery. Thanks again for the update and pictures and hopefully I will see you soon!

Just one more week to go and Maya will be due. I am very curious what she will give us. It is always a big surprise. Brutus and Mambo are doing well together. And I am very happy about that since I need to move Mambo to Brutus his room coming weekend. Maya isn’t nice to Mambo and she needs the kitten room. I will keep Maya company this weekend till she has delivered her kittens. I don’t want to miss anything and I will cuddle her and comfort her. Even for animals it’s no fun giving birth. But gladly this is not her first litter. Here are a few pictures of Mambo and Brutus. Brutus finally had his eyes open! He didn’t saw me coming;-).

13 November 2009
I am so nervous…. Besides Maya, Macy and Mia are pregnant too. This time it’s very obvious. Their nipples are big and pink. I am so afraid that I can’t handle so many kittens! I tried and tried to get the females pregnant, but every time it failed. So I was sure that one or more of my female cats couldn’t get pregnant (anymore). Never thought that this time they all got pregnant at once. So it will be very busy these coming months. I hope I can handle it, since I have a fulltime job. Of course I am happy that they are fertile, but I am scarred that it will be too much to handle…. So I keep my fingers crossed that they all will have a small litter. But the most important thing is that everything goes well and that they are healthy.

I received a picture of Linneke from Viv. Isn’t she beautiful? She loves to lay down on their cabinet. So she can observe everyone from above. Thanks Viv for this lovely picture!
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