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Dana en Noa
18 May 2009
Every time my kittens leave for their new home I feel very tense…. Afraid something goes wrong, or that the kittens get nostalgia or in the worst case the people had expected something different from their kitten. But for now everything went well with all the kittens I had placed in a new home. But that is no guarantee for me. I am very happy that people inform me about their doing. Gladly I received an update on all three (Tommy, Sam and Felix). Thanks people! I love to share their first findings with you.

The trip home went well. It took us an hour longer than usual due to traffic congestion. Sam slept on my (Katrien) lap since she didn’t like to be in the carrier box. To be honest she is doing well already. She ate something out of our hands but she didn’t drink yet. This night she slept with us and she even purred a lot. She is a bit still for now, but she did go for a walk true our home. But after that she starts to mew searching for her brothers, sisters and mom. I do think she will be doing better tomorrow.

Just 15 minutes ago, after I send the first (above) e-mail, Sam used the litter box and she drank some water! What a relieve! She even played all night with Karel and she comes for cuddles. This morning she was a bit afraid again, but I do think this will be over soon. Everything will work out fine. She just needs a few more days to adjust.

The first night I (Frencis) had to get out of bed twice for Felix. He was so sad…. Yesterday evening he ate for the first time and also uses the litter box. We were a bit worried. Rocky immediately used Felix litter box to show Felix that he is the boss. Till today they left each other alone. Rocky stayed in the kitchen and Felix in the living room. This morning Felix went on a journey true our home and Rocky stayed very close. Rocky tries to attack Felix, but I do think he is a bit scarred of Felix too. And of course it is stressful for Rocky too. Felix lies in my chair behind my back during writing this e-mail. And he is purring a lot! Yesterday he played a lot with Liam (our son). Afterwards he was so tired! I am very curious how the coming days will go, but I keep you informed.

The trip went well. He mewed a lot, but after 10 minutes he laid down. When we got home everything was strange and new for Tommy. We (Frencis and Piet) have a big cabinet with a bead curtain. This became his hiding place. But we took him out of there from time to time. In the evening he played a bit and climbed in his climbing tree. So he is doing better already. But in the evening he mewed a lot calling for his family. I only got a few hours sleep. But I will take a little nap later. Today he visited the living room and played in his climbing tree. Unbelievable that such a small cat can climb so high (see picture)! He also used the litter box, but doesn’t eat that much for now. Only a bit of can food. But he is very playful and cuddly. With Piet he is a bit reserved for now, but that will go better with time. So everything so good so far in Ridderkerk!

Furthermore I took some new pictures of Buddha, Noa and Dana. I didn’t take any pictures lately since I already burned the DVD’s with pictures for the new owners. And I had to delete a lot to make it fit on one DVD. These three will be with us for one more week. Coming Saturday they too will leave for their new home. I will miss them. It was so busy in our home and it will be a lot quieter now. But maybe Mia is pregnant…. Can’t tell yet, but hopefully soon.

16 May 2009
Today was a busy day. Frencis and Piet came to pick up Tommy. And they spoiled me! Frencis had made me a lovely basket with all kinds of toiletries. And also a beautiful handmade card. Yes, Frencis is very creative! I want to thank Frencis and Piet for adopting Tommy. Tommy will have an adventurous life, but more about that after I receive an update on Tommy.

Yes, as I said it was a busy day…. Also Katrien and Karel came to pick up Sam. I also want to thank them for the adoption of Sam. I know that the kittens are a bit scarred in the beginning for their new step in life, but with a bit of patience and time everything will be ok before you know it. Sam will make a long journey. It is a 2,5 hour drive. So maybe this will help to get used to the new situation. I am very curious how their trip went.

And last but not least Anja, Johan and their son Liam came to pick up Felix. I want to thank them for the delicious Belgium bonbons which I am extremely fond of;-). So sweet! But poor Felix was shaking so bad… So scarred of all these new people and for his new future without his brothers and sisters. But give it some time and everything will work out fine. They had a long trip ahead. So maybe that will help to get to know his new owners.
Just received a phone call from Anja. Felix had slept on her lap the entire trip. So that is great news! But when they got home their cat Rocky was so upset to see this little intruder. I explained Anja that that is very normal. In the beginning she must give Rocky a lot of attention and not correct her when she is a bit mean to Felix. Felix does need al lot of attention too, but in the beginning it is better not to give him attention when Rocky is watching. So cuddle Rocky a lot, cuddle Felix when Rocky is not around and before you know it Rocky is used to Felix. Besides Felix is used to a lot of cats (in our home) and he does know that he is the lowest in rank. What also may help is to play with a toy that they both like. This will distract them. So try to use a stick with a toy attached. Everything will be fine before you know it. I promise! Only this will take a day or 3 or in the worst case a week. So for now it is a bit stressful for everyone, but soon you can enjoy the funny behavior of this little one.

Yes, on the one hand I am a bit sad and on the other I am very happy of course. Every time it is hard to let your kittens go. Kittens you took care of for three months and especially when they don’t want to go in the pet carrier. They protest and looked at me with this look “What are you doing to me!”. But what they don’t know is that they will have a great life!
8 May 2009
Last Saturday (2 May) I dewormed the kittens and Maya and Millie. It is the third deworming for the kittens of Millie, but it has no use when I only deworm the kittens of Maya. Last Tuesday (5 May) all the kittens got their vaccination. The kittens of Maya their first (dead virus) and the kittens of Millie their second (living virus). All the kittens behaved very well except Buddha. He freaked out! And that is odd…. Since he is our most cuddly and brave kitten for now. But this poor kitten was so scarred. Bur furthermore they did well. All healthy. While I was at our vet I thought why not weigh them. Because as I wrote before it is hard to weigh such active and jumpy kittens. Herewith their weight (from May 5h):
Buddha 1200 gram
Dana 1050 gram
Noa 1420 gram
Sam 1580 gram
Felix 1550 gram
Tommy 1450 gram
Not bad for their age!
Yes, soon they will leave for their new home. For the people of these kittens waiting is long, but for me it goes way to fast….
Macy and Mia
Staartje, Chaplin and Linneke
Tijger washes Bobbie
1 May 2009
I received a few updates on our former kittens. I love to hear from people how their pixiebob is doing. Always curious how they develop and lovely to hear when they are doing fine.

Ria told me that her Boau is doing great. He is sweet and listens well. He also grows very quick. He eats well as a tiger, but he doesn’t like can food (just like his daddy Major). Furthermore he loves to play in the yard and also playing with Ila the France Bulldog. I hope she can send me a picture of the two of them playing. So cool! Thanks Ria for this update.

Then I received an update on Bobbie from Hilly. She wrote me that Bobbie is doing great too! He is very playful, has a great personality and loves to cuddle. He now even brings his toys back. Just like a dog! Thanks Hilly for the update and the lovely pictures.

At last I received an update from Viv. For the first time Staartje (European shorthair) slept between Chaplin and Linneke (both pixiebobs). And this is so unique since Staartje normally doesn’t like other cats and especially those young ones who are so busy… She is an old lady herself and she doesn’t like that busy behavior. So this was such a special moment. I am so proud of Staartje. Viv thanks for this update and the lovely picture to proof it.

Then something about ‘my’ pixiebobs. Mia and Macy are both in heat for almost a week now. What a noise they can make!!! And now in stereo too… It is so annoying, but ok that is part of the deal;-). But I never saw one of my females turn in to males! Mia thought that she could help Macy a bit to overcome this being in heat;-). So funny! Couldn’t resist taking a picture of them. Since yesterday Mia is sharing the love nest with Brutus. I don’t know if they ‘succeeded’ since this is Mia her first time. I didn’t notice a successful moment yet. So I am curious if she will be pregnant. I hope they will be a bit gentle to each other. But I will keep an eye on them.

The kittens are doing great. But weighing them is a problem… Last time I used our personal scales. But this thing will fluctuate a bit between the ounces… But it will give you a bit of an impression how much they weigh. I did my best;-). Also a new picture of our kittens. Sleeping together in the climbing tree. A bit crowed if you ask me;-).

26 April 2009
Lately I couldn’t find the time and inspiration to write something. But I took some pictures of the kittens from time to time. Sometimes these kittens are so bad…. let me tell you why. When you look around you suddenly see you’re plant swinging up and down. And when you watch closer you will see one of the kittens hanging in the trunk…. Besides that they still love to dig in it. And when you look again you find them on the dining table. And not that I mind, but it is the way they got on the table… since they can’t jump that high. They climb via our leather chairs! And when you think you got it all… You will find a lot of water on the floor! Yes, one of them fell in the water bowel again! And so on….

They have our entire home to explore at this age. In the beginning they only have had half of our living room. But the fence we put between won’t help anymore. They climb over it so easily. But I can’t be mad at them. No, we laugh a lot! They are still babies. But they grow very fast. Before you know they are adults. Weighing them is not that easy anymore… When they move their weight goes up and down. So I don’t know what their weight exactly is… I think it will be easier weighing myself and holding them. But that will be per ounce. But despite of their bad behavior I love these little ones. And I am so thankful that they are still doing great!

18 April 2009
I want to thank Dymphy van Diemen! She informed me that my article about the pixiebob was published this month. I didn’t have a copy myself (and it is also hard to get for me) so she sends me her magazine of Dierjournaal (in English: Animal Journal). So sweet! It is a nice article and I hope the pixiebob will get more popular in Holland this way. Via this link you can take a look. Unfortunately it is in Dutch. I also want to thank Bert Vos who made this article possible.

The kittens are doing fine. They didn’t have any side effects from their vaccination and they grow fast. They are so playful, but also little destroyers. But you must know that it is hard to handle 6 kittens! Today Frencis and Piet paid their Tommy a visit and RenĂ© and Mayte their Noa and Dana. They are such lovely people. The kittens will get everything a cat heart desires. They also will get a nice climbing tree;-). But that is a surprise for them when they are going home;-). We are all very lucky.

Furthermore Churchill and Linneke are doing great too. Viv sent me a lovely picture of Linneke which I want to thank her for. Isn’t she a beauty?
12 April 2009
I keep in contact with most people who bought a pixiebob from me. This time I received an update on Churchill with Chuckie as nickname. With thanks to Erica! This is what she wrote:
Chuckie is doing great. But he is a bit crazy. Did you ever try to change sheets with a pixiebob around? Not working I can tell you… Last Thursday I try to clean the sheets. As soon as he notices it he jumps on the bed and hangs and rolls in my sheets with the result… small holes in my sheets everywhere! When you finally done with the first sheet he will be lying in our duvet covers. Such a difficult job. And when you’re finally finished he will lie on our bed and take a nap. And no other cat is allowed on it. The ones trying will receive a hit! It is his bed he thinks. Yes since Chuckie is living with us no one will be laying on our bed accept him. But he is sweet too, but the boss around the house and I can’t trade him for anything!

Warm regards, Erica and Chuckie

The kittens of Millie and Maya are so active! They run true our house like wild animals! Finally all the kittens eat their selves. So Millie and Maya will be spared a bit…. I don’t weigh Millie’s kittens daily anymore. They are big enough. Coming Tuesday they will get their First vaccination. This will be their First time in a car….

Yesterday Erwin and Nadia paid us a visit. It was cozy as usual. They also brought me some pictures of Simba and Nala. So nice! Last time they played in the yard and they had so much fun. Yes, I can hardly recognize them anymore. They are getting big!

Diary 4)  12 April 2009 - 18 May 2009