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6 April 2009
Great news! The male kitten from Maya also found himself a new home! He will live with Alwin van Hooff from Boxtel. I want to thank Alwin and wish him a lot of fun with his kitten who will be called Buddha son of Major.

Yesterday Gerrit, Hennie and Karin helped me with my exposition of the pixiebob in Houten. I couldn’t do it all on my own so I want to thank them for all their help! It was an unforgettable day for me. We told a lot of people about the breed and we visit a lot of other stands ourselves. But Macy and Mia were so afraid that I don’t think that I would try this again…. Also Monique and Rita came especially for me. So sweet! Herewith some pictures of this event.

Today I took some pictures of the kittens. They can play in our living room, but under our watch. Since everything is new to them and you never know what they will do next. I also updated their weight list and as you can see they grow very well.
4 April 2009
Finally all kittens of Millie eating their selves. It took them a while, but now they eat almost anything you give them. I am very happy about that since Millie lost so much weight. Also due to the fact that she was in heat for two weeks! But finally she is gaining weight again. She also likes the food I make for the kittens and this food contains a lot of calories. Today I dewormed all the kittens and mothers. The kittens from Maya for their first time and the kittens from Millie for their second time. I also gave Macy and Millie stronghold. Because I will take them to the expo tomorrow and you never know what they can catch at such an event. I hope to meet you all tomorrow in Houten.

You will receive an update on their weight list soon. But the kittens do grow well. Herewith a picture of the four kittens of Millie eating together.
Kitten 4 Tommy
Kitten 3 Felix
Kitten 2 Sam
Kitten 1 Noa
Kitten 2 female
Kitten 1 male
27 March 2009
The kittens grow fast (see their weight list). Millie her kittens all use the litter box by now. But only Tommy eats dry food himself. I have not seen the others eat their selves yet. But they all drink water. But unfortunately they think they can swim! So my floor gets very wet….. and that is not so good for a laminate floor… I still feed them every day. They begin to like it more and more. When they have to wait for me they begin to hit me those bad bad kitties. But they are so funny at this age. You have to see them play! I tried to take some pictures yesterday, but all my batteries where low…. So today I tried again.

Millie is in heat and screams so lout! She drives us mad! And Brutus can hear her too, so they will scream in stereo!

One more week to go and some of you can meet me in the Expo hall in Houten (Holland). I will present the pixiebob breed and will take Macy and Mia with me. I hope to meet some people who visit my website from time to time. And hopefully some of my friends will come to this event too. So maybe I will meet you on the 5th of April!
24 March 2009
Moms and kittens are doing fine. They still sleep in one cage (don’t know the name in English, but you must know that their door is always open). Millie’s kittens have so much to eat. They drink from both mothers and they also get food from me. I mix a bit of can food with dry food and cat milk and put it in a blender. They love it and gladly they don’t make such a mess anymore. I also received an update on Izzy and Dixie and some pictures. With thanks to Eke! Eke lives very close by Erwin and Nadia and till recently they visit each other. So they could show their pixies to one and another. So lovely! Erwin and Nadia took some pictures of Izzy and Dixie which I want to thank them for. Herewith a few pictures I chose for my website and this is what Eke wrote to me:

Yes, aren’t they looking great? They are such lovely cats. Of course I am in love with all of my cats, but these two are different. Izman becomes more accessible every day. And I love it! You can do him no bigger favor by lying on the couch with a blanket. He immediately jumps on my lap and looking for an opening to role under. He loves to sleep close me. And Dixie will lie before me. So cozy and warm. And Izzy loves dry food a lot. Dixie likes almost everything you may give a cat. And before we all go to bed I prepare them some meet. And they love it. Nadia made me laugh. She said to Erwin ‘So many bowls with different dry food!’ Hahaha, yes I love to spoil them. And…. I couldn’t choose which pictures to send you so I send them all. So you can choose yourself. Have fun with these pictures;-)
Love and hug,
Eke and Cats

21 March 2009
17 March I gave Millies kittens their first dyworming. And this time they didn’t threw up. And this is something I had with most kittens with their first dyworming. Tommy is doing great. He is the first who ate some dry food. As you can see the kittens of Millie are font of Maya too. They can’t resist climbing in her box and sleeping with the little ones. And of course they are hungry guys so a bit of milk from Maya is great too. So sweet. Maya her kittens grow well too. And they have their eyes open. Yesterday I had some visitors for Millie her first female kitten and Frencis and Piet came to visit Tommy. It was a lovely evening and the kittens got a lot of attention. Herewith some pictures of yesterday and today. The kittens of Millie are so playful and active! That gives me funny pictures from time to time. But their nails are so sharp! You have to see my hands…
15 March 2009
Yesterday Gerrit looked in the kitten room and couldn’t find Millie her kittens. He searched our entire home, but couldn’t find them. We left the door open, but put a small fence for it. They can hardly walk so it wasn’t possible that they climbed over this fence at this age. After a good search Gerrit found them after our sofa. Still we couldn’t understand how this was possible until Millie walked in the living room with one of her kittens in her mouth…. She jumped over this fence with her kitten. I know that at some point they will move their kittens, but never out of this room. Most of the time they move their kittens to the climbing pole in their own room. But we had a big laugh. The kittens of Maya are doing great too. They do have their eyes open a bit. And when one of Millie her kittens come to visit Maya, Maya treat them as her own and washes them. Yesterday I received an update and pictures of Simba and Nala the two pixies of Nadia and Erwin. This is what she wrote.

Simba is 4.3 kg and Nala 3.6! So they grow well. And what a relief that Simba now using the litter box as he supposed to (when we had a small door at front he did his thing outside the litter box….). They are such great friends. Together they love to do funny stuff. Like playing hide and seek. Nala loves to sleep on our lap now. And Simba is our cuddly bear no. 1! He can’t live without attention and cuddles. Nala on the other hand is more a talker. She can tell stories to you all day. And that sounds so sweet!
12 March 2009
Yesterday I took some pictures of Millie her kittens. They love to play by now. And they also like the food I give them. Tommy (kitten 4) is the first one who stepped out of his box. He was walking to his room and slipped on our slippery floor;-). Maya couldn’t resist this little one and gave Felix a washing. Millie stood there and watched. I can enjoy these moments so much. Kitten 2 has a name too. She will be called Sam from now on. She is already playing with a big mouse. Sam is a boys and girls name in Europe (so I’ve been told). I find it more personal when the kittens have a name. But I will let the people who adopt a kitten choose a name for them.

The kittens of Maya are doing fine too. They both gain weight. But we have to wait a while before they can explore the world.

9 March 2009
The kittens of Millie are getting big. Yesterday I gave them some cat milk mixed with can food for their first time. I hope they soon get used to meat and will eat themselves. Since Millie is getting so thin… Although she eats for ten she can’t keep up. The kittens are playing a bit now as you can see on these pictures. So sweet! Also kitten 2 has been sold and will live with Katrien and Karel in the near future. I want to wish them a lot of fun with this beautiful girl. Her name will follow. I am so happy that I found my kittens such lovely homes.

Maya is getting better. I was a bit worried these last few days. She wasn’t feeling well and she lost a lot of blood. But she is feeling a lot better now. When one of the kittens screams both Maya and Millie come running to help them. They don’t mind who’s kitten it is. Also Maya her kittens are growing well. These kittens have short hair which is very obvious. But I still have my doubts about Millie her kittens…. I do think they have long hair. But I am still not sure. Furthermore  I made a weight list for Maya her kittens and I also updated Millies weight list.

Diary 3) 9 March 2009 - 6 April 2009