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Kitten 2 female
Kitten 1 male (option)
6 March 2009
Today around 8 AM Maya gave birth to tow kittens. Kitten 1 is a male with a show length tail and kitten 2 is a female with a long tail. Both weighed 104 gram this morning.

And now the story behind this ‘kittenbirth’. To begin with I couldn’t sleep these last few days. And especially last night… Maya was very loud all night and I was prepared that she would gave birth soon so I didn’t dare to fall asleep. Scarred that she would deliver in the litter box again…. The last time she did deliver in the litter box and her fur was covered with clay all over.

Later this evening she climbed in Millie her box and she washed her kittens and they all were drinking her milk! Millie sat there and looked a bit perplexed. She didn’t know what to do so I gave her a little push in to her box. And Maya wasn’t moving. So it was a lovely crowd to watch.

Around 8 AM Maya gave birth to her first kitten. But since Millie her box got dirty I put Maya in the delivery box. But she didn’t want to deliver in this cardboard box so I put her in the big one. Around 08.50 AM she gave birth to kitten 2. After 1 ½ hours still nothing… I expected at least three kittens since I had made an echo. Besides the last time she had 6 kittens! So I called my vet. They told me to wait a bit longer and if there was still nothing I had to come by for a c-section. I called Hennie, who was at her work, and asked her if she would drive me to the vet. Gladly Hennie would help me.

The vet examined her and couldn’t feel any kittens. But he also thought she was a bit fat. Glad of course since she will have enough milk and fat reserve to feed them. Just in case we made an x-ray. And no kittens so no c-section. I am so happy about that so we went home.

When we came home, she immediately climbed in Millie her box surrounding herself with the four kittens of Millie. She left her own kittens alone…. So I picked her up and put her with her own kittens. For now she washes and feed her own kittens as she should. I am so tired right now but very happy of course with these lovely kittens.

5 March 2009
This time some other news. Yesterday I received my driver license! I am so happy! So those who had crossed their fingers for me THANKS! It helped!

Since yesterday I sleep in the kitten room on a mattress on the floor. It isn’t that comfortable since I hardly couldn’t sleep. But I don’t want to miss a thing so I will sleep there for the next coming days. The kittens still love to be in Maya’s belly. So no news yet.

Millie and her kittens are doing great. Still having some doubts about their fur. Kitten two is definitely a short hair, but the other three have longer hair then kitten 2…. Furthermore they begin to explore their small world. They walk a little bit, but still shaky. And they are easier to pick up. With easier I mean that they don’t scream as loud anymore as in the beginning. Herewith some pictures and I also updated their weight list.

Kitten 3 male (option)
Kitten 4 Tommy (sold to Frencis en Piet)
Kitten 2 female (option)
Kitten 1 female (option)
28 February 2009
Today I had a lot of visitors. Frencis and Piet came by for the second time. I had seen them before in November last year. Very friendly people with a big heart for animals. These kind of people I prefer;-). This way I feel comfortable when I place my kittens in their new home. They have chosen kitten 4. He will be named Tommy from now on. I want to thank Frencis and Piet for their faith in me as a breeder and congratulate them with their Tommy!

Also Joany and her mother, Gerben and their son Noah came by to visit me today. What a lovely family! I already had a lovely e-mail contact with Joany, but it is so much nicer to meet them in person. I want to thank you all for your visit today.

Herewith a few pictures of the little ones taken yesterday. Not easy to take pictures of kittens…. They move constantly. They won’t listen to me when I say to sit still! But that is not surprising…..they can’t even hear a bomb go off;-). I will update their weight list next time. But I can tell that the males have passed the 300 grams and the females are almost 300 grams. Not bad for 12 days old. But we can’t say that about Millie. She is so thin… But I give her extra treats besides her normal food. And I will dyworm all of our cats soon. Sometimes that will help too. Besides it is necessary for mother and her kittens.

Maya is due within a week. It is still a surprise what she will bring us. She is pretty big, but her belly doesn’t feel hard. I also can't feel the kittens moving… So it will be a big ? to the day she is due…

23 February 2009
Today I received some lovely pictures from Eke of her pixies Izzy and Dixie. Thanks Eke! It is so nice to see how they develop. Eke is very font of her pixies. I can tell;-). And this hobby gave me some nice new friends too. Lucky me.

I couldn’t resist taking some new pictures of this litter. Their weight has been doubled in less then one week. They grow so fast. Even their eyes begin to open a bit. From now on it gets busy in our cat home;-). Busy, since we have so many cats and kittens and busy because I have a lot of visitors to watch those little ones. But I am very curious about the people I email with too. And I am also curious what they think of our pixies.

If you click on the button below you will see their weight list.

Kitten 4 male (option)
Kitten 3 male (option)
Kitten 2 female (option)
Kitten 1 female (option)
20 February 2009
I couldn’t resist to take some pictures of Millie and her kittens. They are so cute! And Millie is such a great mom. All the kittens gained weight today. So far so good. I am so curious what the new future owners think of their kitten……

Kitten 1 female (option)
Kitten 4 male (option)
Kitten 3 male (option)
Kitten 2 female (option)
18 February 2009
Unfortunately kitten 5 didn’t survive... She didn’t gain weight and I gave her some water and the water came right true her nose. So I went to my vet and they checked her and she did have an open palate. There was nothing I could do for her then to put her to sleep. Otherwise she would starve to death. This is such a downside of breeding cats. When you hold such a lovely kitten in your hands, you become in love with them right away. But never the less I am very grateful with the four kittens who are doing great. All four gained weight. Hennie and I buried this little girl next to her brother/sister. Thank you Hennie! Millie is doing great too. She eats very well and already used the litter box. Millie is such a great mom. But she is so thin since she gave birth….. I do think that four kittens is better for her. She will have enough milk to raise those little ones.

I took some pictures of each kitten individually. Kitten 1 and 2 are both female and kitten 3 and 4 are both males. Forgive me when I am wrong about this… The kitten I had to put a sleep was a longhaired female kitten. But I can’t tell for sure if these kittens have long or short hair for now. Maybe kitten 4 is a longhair…

17 February 2009
Around midnight 1.00 AM Millie gave birth to 6 kittens. One kitten was still born unfortunately. And he/she was almost fully grown. So sad. Hennie and I buried this little one. So for now she has 5 kittens. I say for now since her previous litter she had two kittens with an open palate. But I will watch them very carefully. For now the only thing I can tell is that she has three kittens with a long tail and two with a short tail (a great length). Maybe there are some with long hair, but I have to wait and see. I didn’t watch them closely since Millie is getting upset when I pick up her kittens. So when Millie is feeling a bit better I will check their genders. And I can’t blame Millie since she did such a great job. But in any case their weights are excellent. Later this week or next week I will take some pictures of each kitten individually. For now a picture from Millie and her kittens and one of the kittens sleeping closely together.
Kitten 1 long tail 116 gram
Kitten 2 long tail 109 gram
Kitten 3 long tail 138 gram
Kitten 4 short tail 120 gram
Kitten 5 short tail 110 gram

15 February 2009

Millie didn’t gave birth yet. I hoped to have valentine’s kittens this time;-). But we have to wait for a while. But she is very big and the more she waits the harder it gets for her. Since the kittens won’t stop growing. So I hope that she will be giving birth soon. That will be a bit easier…nullwill cross your fingers for me. I can need all the help I can get.

Herewith some pictures of Millie taken yesterday and today. The poor child is as big as a bouncing ball.

9 February 2009
I can’t hardly wait. I am getting nervous. I can’t resist touching their bellies. And no this isn’t my first litter, but I can’t get enough of those little ones. Millie is so big that she doesn’t know where and how to lay down. Maya is getting bigger too, but she still totters true the house. Millie is due coming weekend…. I hope they both will have healthy kittens. One more question….. Will you cross your fingers for me on the 19th of February 2009 at 14 pm Dutch time? This is the first time I have my driving exam. I know I am a bit old for that, but I am so looking forward buying my first car! So if you please cross your fingers for me, it might work;-)
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