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23 February 2007

A Dutch Magazine named Heart for Animals publiced an article about the Pixiebob. I hope that the pixiebob will conquer Holland! Sorry that I don’t have an English version of this article. I am very happy with this article and want to thank the editors of ‘Hart voor Dieren’.

31 March 2007

It has been a while since I wrote in my diary. But I didn’t have any news unfortunately. Since a short while ago I had Maya and Major put together and Squirrel with Brutus. I do hope both females are pregnant. Yesterday I saw a slight difference in colour of Maya’s nipples. I can’t hardly wait to watch those little ones growing up and explore their world. I am not a 100% sure, but I think they are pregnant. They haven’t been in heat anymore these last few weeks. If everything works out fine I will make an x-ray instead of an echo. But I have to wait till they are 45 days pregnant. Otherwise it will harm those little ones. On an x-ray it is better to see how many kittens a female carries. If everything goes as planed they will expect kittens half May.

7 April 2007

This month there is an article about my pixiebob hobby in a Dutch Magazine called ‘Kattenmanieren’. In English you call it Cat behaviour. In this article there is a picture from Major in his early days and a picture of Neo and Maya as a kitten. Also Zulay is mentioned in this article. I am so proud! I want to thank Janine Verhoef for writing this article and the editors from Kattenmanieren.

Furthermore I am a 100% sure that Maya is pregnant. She is getting bigger. But Squirrel I am not a 100% sure. But I will wait and see. I keep on hoping

21 April 2007

Herewith some pictures of Maya being pregnant. Today it is her 44th day of her pregnancy (when I count from the first day that she and Mayor were together). Monday they will make an x-ray for me. Then I know how many kittens she is carrying. Despites her big belly, she still loves to play a lot.
17 April 2007

Today I received some pictures of Charlie and Neo. They are so good-looking! With thanks to Karin! Karin can only say that pixies are great and lovely cats! The whole family are fond of them. And despites their typical character they are very easy to handle. Charlie has become very robust and Neo is shooting up. Charlie and Neo are very fond of each other. Where Charlie goes Neo follows.
11 April 2007

Yesterday I received some new pictures of Quincy. I really love to see how the kittens develop. Of course I will pay Thijs (and his mother) and Jolanda a visit to see Yindee and Quincy again. They both are doing great. Quincy has paid Yindee a visit, but Yindee doesn't like Quincy that much. It is just an intruder in her opinion. But the other cats from Thijs and Jolanda don't care that Quincy is walking in their territory. They just let her. Quincy looks like her father Major. Also very slim and muscular and a beautiful chin. Again thanks for the pictures!

Maya is getting bigger every day. I am so curious how many kittens she carries. But I have to be patience for now. At the end of April / begin May I will take her to the vet to make an x-ray. And then we know for sure!!!

9 April 2007

I am afraid that Squirrel isn't pregnant. Her nipples are still white. I don't know what went wrong. But I hoped that during my absent they did succeed. Squirrel hasn't been in heat since. But that won't say a thing. I hope she will be in heat soon. Then I will try again. I will keep you informed. For now I hope that Maya will give me some healthy kittens and I hope she is be able to deliver them herself. As you can see Maya is still in love with Macho.
1 February 2007

Finally I received the TICA Outstanding Cattery certificate. I am so proud! To receive such a certificate your cattery must be inspected by a licensed veterinarian. And your cattery must meet a list of guidelines. With thanks to my vet mrs. Dijkman from Dierenkliniek Statenlaan who took the time to inspect and evaluate my cattery.
26 January 2007

Today Karin paid me a visit (owner of Neo and Charlie). We talked about our cats and their funny behaviour. And they loved their new mouse toys! So thanks Karin!
Maya was indeed in heat! But gladly only for a few days. Because it can make you crazy! But I am glad that she has proven that she can get in heat. Squirrel is on the pill and it goes very well. She got so many times in heat that it was the only option. But for now Maya don't need the pill. Today we also made some new pictures. I wanted you to see how much in love Magnum is with Macho. He is so big that he almost squashes Macho. He has to be near him. But Macho not always allows him to. And also a few pictures of Maya with her funny ears and one picture which gives you the idea that she has an enormous front paw.

21 January 2007

I think that Maya is in heat for the first time. I was a bit afraid that this would take a long time. Today she is 9 months old, but some females get in heat a bit sooner. I am not a 100% sure, because Squirrel is a lot louder when she is in heat. I gave Squirrel the pill. Because she was in heat almost every week. And they loose a lot of weight when this continues. But for now they have to have a bit patience. At the earliest when Maya is one year old. And our studs will be happy too. They have to wait a long time too. And I can hardly wait myself. To take care of those little ones.
16 January 2007

Again I received some pictures of Thijs and Jolanda. And this time from Quincy and her new ‘owner’ (Thijs his mother). As you can see she has a great time in her new home. And she also does the ‘slipper attack’. I am so happy to see that she is in such good hands.
14 January 2007

Today heeft Gerrit took some pictures for me. Maya is still in love with Macho. And their love is mutual as you can see. Aren’t they a sweet couple?!
11 January 2007

Today I received a few pictures of Yindee. Yindee came from my first litter from Money and Major. Yindee has a long tail, short hair just like Major and those funny poly feet. She is a beauty. With thanks to Thijs and Jolanda for these pictures.
9 January 2007

Yesterday I spoke to Thijs his mother. Quincy is doing very well. She asked me how much a kitten is allowed to eat, because she eats a lot. I told her that a growing kitten might eat as much as she can eat. A kitten is very active. So be sure you have dry food available all the time. And give your kitten a bit of can food if he likes that, but not that much. Kitten dry food contains everything he needs. I give a kitten who likes can food about 50 gram per day (a bit in the morning and a bit at night). That will be enough for such a small cat. I also tell people that it is important to weigh their cats. I weigh a young kitten daily. And when they are about 8 weeks old I weigh them once a week. And when they are a few months old I weigh them once a month. And I will continue weighing them once a month till the end. This is often the only way to notice at time when something isn't right. Often you are too late. And now about Quincy. She really loves her new 'mother'. She follows her everywhere, talks to her and sleeps on her lap. She is so sweet. But she has a lot to learn. The things she may and the things she isn't allowed to do. Soon she will be introduced to Thijs and Jolanda their cats. I am very curious how they will react on each other.
1st January 2007

We wish you a Happy New Year! We hope that the year 2007 will be a good year for all of us! Yes our cats weren't that happy with the firework going on and especially all the big banging. Maya stayed under our armchair all day. She was so afraid. But I have to say that most of our cats behaved very brave. Major, Magnum and Muchi stayed upstairs (where it was less noisy) and even played and ate something. Brutus was very scarred, but when I entered his room he came right to me and let me cuddle him. So I am very proud of him. Macho, Misty and Magic did go through a few turns of the year, so they are getting used to it so it seems. They stayed with us and sometimes they had a bit of a fright, but they continued their daily 'business' (eating, playing, sleeping). Squirrel was very alert, but stayed with us as well. We had the lights on in every room, most curtains closed and some music at the background. I think that helped too. I am very curious how Quincy experienced the turn of the year. But I think she wasn't that scarred. I know her as a brave little kitten who is not easily scarred of anything. Again we wish you all a fantastic 2007!

Gerrit & Linda
30 December 2006

Today Quincy left for her new home. She will live with Thijs his mother and (mother-in-law of) Jolanda. Thijs and Jolanda adopted Yindee about a year ago. These are lovely people who want the best for their cats. So Quincy and I are very lucky. They also gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and something to use in my bathtub. Thanks!!! I will miss Quincy, but when you know that she will have a great life, you will get over it soon. And besides I may visit them to see how she is developing. And then I can see Yindee again too. The nice part is that when moms is (for example) on holiday she may stay at Thijs and Jolanda their house. She will make some cat friends too and get a lot of attention. Herewith the last picture taken (for now)....
24 December 2006

These are the last pictures from Quincy for now. Next weekend she will leave for her new home. I want to wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope that you will achieve your goals. My goal is to give the pixiebob more recognition and particularly in Holland. And besides that I hope to find my future kittens a good home. That will be my goal for 2007!
17 December 2006

And let the ‘fight’ begin... Let’s rumble...... Yes mother and child love to have a good fight. Although Quincy is so little she isn’t afraid. Tomorrow she will be 12 weeks old and that means time for her second vaccination. I hope she doesn’t miaow all the way. The last time she didn’t like to be in a car. In two weeks she will leave for her new home. We will miss her, but she will be ok.
10 December 2006

It is almost Christmas and we have our Christmas tree already decorated. And our cats love this tree. They climb and hang in it. And they are making a mess of our house. But it is also funny to watch. After Quincy played for a while she loves to sleep on my lap. She is so sweet. Soon she will leave for her new home. I hope she will adjust soon. Gladly she is very oriented towards people. So I think she will love her new owner. Herewith some new pictures. I also updated her weight list. Squirel is in heat again and she is driving us mad. All that meowing. I decided not to give her the pill (if we can see it through). Gladly she can't get pregnant by accident. Our studs are in separated rooms.
3 December 2006

Last Monday I went to the vet with Quincy for her first vaccination. She screamed in the car all the way. But when we arrived by the vet she was as brave as she normally is. She didn't make any sound when she got her shot. Everything was fine. She is very healthy. Last Friday she weighed 1128 gram and that at 9 weeks is a nice weight. She also eats can food. A bit strange. Normally kittens prefer can food in the beginning. But she started with dry food. Yesterday (2 December) it was exact 1 year ago that Money died. Time flies. I miss her still, but unfortunately when you have so many animals these things happen. But I will never forget her. Herewith some new pictures taken today. As you can see she is growing fast. Maya too. Maya is almost as big as her mother and she is only 7 months old. Quincy looks more like Major with her short hair.
26 November 2006

When I find the time I will take Quincy to the vet tomorrow. Because tomorrow she will be 9 weeks old. She will be vaccinated for panleucopenia and rhinotracheitis. And of course a health check. But she is very healthy in my opinion. She is so active and grows so fast. Tomorrow she weighed 1028 gram. So she is growing well. From now on I won't weigh her every day. I have worked hard on my website to make a diary summary. Since my diary is getting so large, I thought it might be handy. For now no news. But no news is good news, isn't it?! Herewith two pictures taken last week (19th of November). As you can see Quincy likes to nibble on ears.
19 November 2006

Time flies. Tomorrow Quincy will be 8 weeks old and this morning she weighed 914 gram already. She is busy like a little bee. And that makes Squirrel and Maya busy as well. They love to run after each other. So I have three crazy cats running through my house. Sometimes they drive me mad. But they also make me laugh. On request of a friend of mine from Amsterdam, I made some pictures of Brutus. And that isn’t easy. Because he always closes his eyes. You can make a 100 pictures of him and you may be glad if he opens his eyes on two of them. And these pictures aren’t that great. But I tried. He is making progress. He comes closer every time. And he really loves my daily attention. He also loves to play with me. Another funny story. I bought myself a pair of funny slippers. When you have extremely cold feet. And Squirrel took my slipper and walked away with it. I was too late to make a picture, but Maya thought what she can I can do better. And this time I could take a picture. And Quincy thought this slipper is a nice new sleeping place. So these funny slippers are of great use as you can see. These pictures (by the way) were taken yesterday. Next time I will update Quincy’s weight list.
11 November 2006

Quincy becomes more and more frisky and rowdy. She really likes the cords under our TV. Yesterday I bought my cats a new play tunnel. Maya and Quincy like this tunnel very much. It makes a rustled sound. It so nice to watch them race in and out their tunnel. Yes the two has found a playfellow in to each other. Furthermore Quincy likes to sleep on my lap and she still nibbles on my fingers. Such a sweety. And she grows fast. Take a look at her weight list. Maya is almost as big as her mother Squirrel. I think she will be bigger as her mother. And she has that gorgeous wild look. I think she will give us beautiful kittens in future...
2 November 2006

As promised herewith some new pictures of Quincy. She is so playfully and cuddly. She already eats some dry foot, but she loves my porridge the most. I make this out of some soaked dry foot, a bit of can food and these two mixed with cat milk. And after that I put all of this in a blender. I have changed the litter a few days ago, but I can't tell if she uses her litter box. I now tried some wood litter. But these peaces are very big. But time will tell. She doesn't eat this brand. So that is ok. She still loves to sleep by Macho my British shorthair. Yes Macho is a big, soft and sweet cat. All of my kittens like to sleep and play with him so far. 
29 October 2006

Today Jolanda, Thijs and Thijs his mother paid me a visit to see their little kitten. This kitten will live with Thijs his mother in future. Thijs and Jolanda adopted Yindee a year ago. But this kitten, named Quincy from now on, will also live with Thijs and Jolanda from time to time. When his mother is on holiday or his mother will pay them a visit and she will bring Quincy with her now and then. So Quincy will have a wonderful live too. I am glad and I herewith thank them for their faith in me and for adopting another kitten from me.

Yesterday Quincy used her litter box and she also likes the food I feed her. But what concerns me is that I caught her a few times eating out the litter box. We use small clay litter. This is very dangerous because it can give her constipation with all its consequences. So tomorrow I will buy another kind of litter/grit. Furthermore she grows fast. This morning she weighed about 540 gram. Soon I will take some new pictures.

Diary 6) 29 October 2006 - 21 April 2007