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21 August 2006

Today Squirrel had an echo. Unfortunately she carries only 1 kitten. But we are happy that she has at least 1. See picture below.
Squirrel, kitten en Macho
Squirrel en Kitten & Macho en Maya
27 October 2006

Yesterday she’s had her first medicine against worms. Of course I treated mother too. This was easy. Today I introduced dried kitten food. And she likes it. She ate out of my hand. So sweet. First I put one in her mouth and after that she ate by herself. Time flies and she grows so fast. She also discovered that she could climb the climbing pole. Monday she will be 5 weeks old. This Sunday some people come to visit her. More about this later. For now I enjoy watching and cuddling her. She is so brave and sweet. Nothing scares her. And Maya thinks she is fun to play with.
22 October 2006

Herewith some new pictures taken yesterday. The kitten likes our other cats a lot and finds them very interesting. She becomes more playful everyday and she likes to walk around the house. Our other cats like to sleep and play with her. It is very busy in their cage (which is always open for visitors). Squirrel doesn't mind. Maya has gain weight about a half kilo in the lost month. She is becoming more beautiful every day. And of course this little kitten too.

15 October 2006

The kitten is growing so fast. Not strange of course since she is only kitten. But I find it a bit sad for her. No brothers/sisters to play with. So we try will play with her and hopefully our other cats too. But the best part is that she loves human and our other cats. She walks in her room and sniffs at everything (humans, cats and what is in her room). Even Maya did play with her. She is much nicer for this kitten then in the beginning. As you can see at these pictures. Tomorrow she will be 3 weeks old. Time flies.
8 October 2006

Yesterday Hennie and I paid a visit to family Van Elck to see how Charlie and Neo are doing. It was a lovely day. They are so beautiful. They play with each other and Charlie even washed Neo. Neo has grown quit a bit. A nice looking boy. And Charlie looks so much like her dad. We also made a picture of Squirrel and her kitten and Gerrit took a nice action picture of Maya. Furthermore I updated the weight list. As you can see the kitten grows fast. Her eyes are more open and she is becoming more curious every day. I also received an e-mail from Jolanda that Yindee weighs about 3,5 kilo. So she is getting bigger as well and she is doing fine..
1 October 2006

Mother and child are doing well. The kitten grows really fast. She weighed this morning 190 grams. I am keeping a weight list. Click on the link below. I kept Squirrel in a delivery box only at the first day. But I didn't find that such a good idea, because of her c-section. She had to jump very high. So now they sleep in an open cage (a sort of a dog kennel for inside home). The sides are covered with plastic so the kitten can't hurt herself between the bars. Besides that when this kitten wants to explore the world she can easily go out. The room is kitten proof. Macho is also joining in again. He often sleeps in the cage besides Squirrel and her kitten. And Squirrel allows him to do so. I find that so sweet. So Squirrel is never alone. When we are away or going to bed we close her door and sometimes keep Macho with them. Maya is still jealous of this kitten. She only growls at her. But Squirrel lets her. Enclosed you find some new pictures taken today. She is a little pink so I am sure that this will be a shorthaired kitten. Isn't she to die for?!
27 September 2006

At request herewith some new pictures of Maya taken today. Maya is 5 1/2 months old. Doesn’t she look like her mother?

26 September 2006

Mother and kitten are doing fine. Herewith some new pictures taken today.
25 September 2006

Today Squirrel had to undergo a c-section at Dierenkliniek Statenlaan. Mother and her kitten are doing ok. The reason we choose for this c-section is that Squirrel only carried one kitten. This can give more problems. The kitten can grow too big (because the kitten has so much room in the uterus. Or the contractions fail to occure. I do think this kitten is a showquality, because of the great length of the tail. I also think that it is a female. But also this kitten has a little kink in her/his tail. Just like Squirrel, Neo and Maya. But these kinks are allowed in cat shows. For now I can’t tell if this kitten is a short or a long hair kitten. Enclosed you will see the x-ray of Squirrel and her kitten. When mother and kitten have had a bit of rest I will make some better pictures of this kitten. The kitten weighs 98 gram.
22 September 2006

It has been a while since I wrote in my diary. I have some new pictures of Neo and Charlie with thanks to Karin. Charlie is a real hunter. She has often catch a mouse or a frog, anything she can get she will catch. And sometimes she plays so rough that they wouldn’t servive. Ok when you caught them on time you can prevent this, but most of the time you are too late and they present you proudly their catch. Yes pixiebobs are very sweet, but they also are close to nature. They aren’t scarred. Neo watches Charlie when she catch something. He will probable be the next to take a small animal home. They can get a long very well (Charlie and Neo). That is so lovely. Charlie is 1 year old and Neo about 5 months. He is almost the size of Charlie. He is growing fast and he likes his new home. Furthermore Squirrel can deliver any day now. I hope that everything will go well. I will keep an eye on her.
27 August 2006

Something else this time. Major is allowed to walk on my roof terrace daily. As long as the weather allows it. He loves this very much. I will check on him every 15 minutes and I never caught him running away to the neighbours. He has a visitor for quit some time. Another male. And Major doesn't like him. It is his territory. So what did Major when he saw him again? He jumped on my fence! I tried to catch him, but before I knew it, he jumped on the roof above. And there he went. Running after this intruder. I was scarred stiff. There I went in my pyjamas and on my slippers climbing on the roof and trying to follow these two. I had to walk almost to the end of the row houses and looked down on every roof terrace, but no Major. Finally at the end I saw Major. He was very scarred. I called him and made myself as little as possible. Afraid that I would scare him even more. Gladly I could catch him. I took him in my arms and walked back to my own roof terrace. With Major under my arm I climbed down. You can loose your cat in a second. They are so fast. The other cat I haven't seen these last few days. I hope Major scarred him enough. It only frustrates him. But you can't ask people to leave their cats inside. Cats are very curious. That is so funny about cats. But from now on Major can only go outside under supervision or on the leash. Gladly he doesn't mind being on a leash. I am glad that I caught him on time....

6 August 2006

Today Neo has left his parental home. Squirrel, Maya, Gerrit and myself will miss him. He is such a cuddly kitten and so playful. But he will like his new home. Only he has to settle to Charlie, who is used to have her home all to herself. But shared with many people only no other cats. I hope she accepts Neo and that they become friends soon. I want to thank the family Van Elck for their faith in me and wish them so much fun with their new kitty Neo. I will visit them in a few months to see how Neo is developing.
29 July 2006

Maya and Neo are 15 weeks old. They still drink from mothers. I think they are too old for that, but I don't know if I have to forbid them. Squirrel likes it too and uses this time to wash them. The kittens can climb so well. They can even reach the highest planks. We have one of our small balconies fenced off so our cats can smell the fresh air and look outside. The kittens like to play with their toys as if these are their prey and they also like to play with little leafs. Neo weighs 2055 gram and Maya 1832 gram. Yes they grow so fast. One more week and Neo will be living with his new family. I will miss him very much, but for Maya and Squirrel it will be harder. Because they only play with each other. But they have enough other cats to play with and after a while they will forget Neo. I hope. Herewith some funny pictures.
22 July 2006

I took Brutus of the Clomicalm since a few days. It was hard giving him medication since he has his own manual and besides he had a small wound between his whiskers. I can't say that this was due to this medicine, but since he doesn't have this medicine it is healing perfectly. Major stays on the Clomicalm. He doesn't spray anymore. He still gets a ¼ of a tablet. And that is enough for him. Only yesterday he did spray again. Because Major mate with Squirrel yesterday. So his natural behaviour came back after that, but not that much. He was so glad that he could show his macho behaviour again. Yes studs have a heard life. Most of them can only mate once a year. So they have to wait a long time. Major and Squirrel aren't good friends so I stayed with them till their job was done. After that I placed Squirrel in the group. Today they can continue where they left. It is so exciting! I am so curious what this combination will bring us. Squirrel will be due at the end of September or in the first week of October. Furthermore Maya and Neo are growing really fast. Maya weighs about 1700 gram and Neo about 1930 grams. They are 14 weeks old now. They have demolished a few things in our house already. They use one of my plants as a climbing pole and they demolished a sculpture. But when you look at their sweet faces you can't be mad for long?
15 July 2006

Brutus and Major are doing great. This medicine Clomicalm that is for dogs helps great. They hardly spray anymore. Maybe ones in a few days. Not ten times a day anymore. And I am really happy about that. Besides they seem a bit more comfortable. And that works for me too. Less cleaning and less smell. I took Squirrel of the pill. When she will be in heat again it is Major his turn. I hope that Squirrel will be a bit nicer to my other cats when she is pregnant. For now she over protects her kittens. Today the family of Charlie called me. Charlie is ill and I was afraid for the worst. They went to the vet. And guess what? She had laryngitis! So I learned something new. Never new that cats could get this too. Furthermore I added a picture of Timmy. Timmy is a full brother from Maya and Neo only about a year older. With thanks to Jinx. Isn't he beautiful? For now I have nothing new to tell. Except that Gerrit took a great action picture today from Maya!

9 July 2006

The kittens are 12 weeks old. They are doing fine (click on the link above of their weight list). Last Thursday I visit my vet for their second vaccination and a check-up. Neo didn't have that little heart murmur anymore. I didn't worried about that, because these things are very common by little kittens. But it is nice to know that it is over. I also talked about the spraying problem I have with both my studs. I will try 'Clomicalm' for a while. This is a sort of ant depressive for dogs. It makes dogs a bit more comfortable. It is used by separation and must be combined with therapy. But it is also used by cats that spray. So I have to give it a try. Not that I am very fond of giving animals medication while their behaviour is totally natural and when they aren't sick. But I couldn't stand the smell and the cleaning anymore. It was driving me crazy. And besides I didn't like the idea of leaving them alone so much in their room. And this is what I can tell about my few days experience. Brutus didn't spray today and takes things easier. Less crying for us to come or for the other cats that he can hear and smell. Major didn't spray for two days. And he is also a lot more comfortable, but then again a bit slow. The first 5 days you give them a ¼ of 5 mg. And after that ½ of 5 mg. I really hope that this behaviour will continue. And it will not influence their breeding. Wait and see. To be continued.....

Here are some new pictures of Neo, Maya, Squirrel and Major taken today.

3 July 2006

Talk of the day in Holland 'the weather'. When you don't know what to talk about you talk about the weather. The only thing that I can say that it is hot in Holland. Today it is about 30 degrees and that is too hot when you don't have air conditioning. But since I don't have air conditioning I find it everything but comfortable. I am glad to go to work since they do have air conditioning. But what do you think about our cats. They can't take off their coat. So they all lie on the floor and take it easy. And I can't do anything about it. Only the kittens don't seem to bother. They still play a lot. Despite of the temperature at home (also about 30 degrees). The kittens are doing great as usual. They are 11 weeks old and Neo weighs about 1405 gram en Maya 1273 gram. I weighed them last Saturday. I only weigh them once a week (in the beginning daily). Take a look at their weight list. Gerrit was so nice to take some pictures yesterday. Very sweet of him. I didn't have the energy myself.

I didn't talk about this before, but I have a huge problem. My studs (Brutus and Major) spray a lot on a daily basis. And the smell! I don't know how long I can keep up. Many times a day I have to clean, besides the daily dusting and vacuuming. But Hennie her sister gave me a tip. A pill they give to dogs to calm them a bit. Some cats will stop spraying when you give them this medicine daily. I forgot the name. But I will try this. And if this doesn't work, my vet knows another medicine, which might work. Another disadvantage of their behaviour is that my studs can't walk freely in my house. Some places aren't good cleanable and besides that some of my cats don't like each other. For example. Major does get along with Magnum and Muchi (although Major isn't always that sweet to Muchi). Muchi is really afraid of Squirrel so she doesn't want to come in the living room anymore. Squirrel is a good mother but a bit too good I think. Although she does like us humans very much. Brutus doesn't have any friends (yet). Squirrel and the kittens are the only ones who like to be near him. But Squirrel may not come in his room, because she can't get pregnant so soon and I besides it is Major his turn ;). The kittens can't be in Brutus his room without supervision. Because Brutus doesn't know the difference between (his) kittens and adult cats. But you must know that I cuddle Brutus a few times a day and I play with him. Only Magic isn't afraid of Brutus, but they aren't friends (yet). So I will let her in his room from time to time. See where this ends. This is all due to the fact that they aren't spayed/neutered. Tuesday I will visit my vet. Neo and Maya will have their second vaccination and then I will talk about the spraying problem (which is totally natural behaviour of course). I will be so excited when Brutus and Major have a bit more room to play in and when they will be feeling more comfortable. I really hope this medicine will work. To be continued......

Another announcement. Lately I have had some difficulties receiving e-mail. People who replied on one of my e-mails got their e-mail returned without me receiving it. I always respond to e-mail. So when you didn't have had any answer of me, please try again in a new e-mail (so don't use the answering button). I think everything is working fine by now. But when you do have any problems, please try again or use my guest book to let me know that you send me an e-mail. I think that the problem is resolved by now. The problem started somewhere on the 15th of June. Thanks in advance.

Diary 5) 3 July 2006 - 27 October 2006