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19th of April 2006

The kittens are doing great. They drink a lot. It is easy to share a moms with only one brother/sister. They gain weight about 20 gram each day. So that is good. Mother is so sweet for her babies. But she has a bit trouble doing her thing on the litter box. Sometimes she doesn’t go there for a whole day. I will keep an eye on her. But it wasn’t easy for her what she went true. And a delivery and a c-section in one day. That must heart a lot. But she is active and eats enough. Although I can’t see if she drinks enough. But I will check on her as much as I can and if necessary I will take her to my vet. When the kittens are a bit bigger I will put some new pictures on my website. I think somewhere next week.
Kitten 2 (short tail) born on the 16th of April 2006 (option)
First impression: male and long hair.

Kitten 1 (short tail) born on the 15th of April 2006 (option)
First imperssion: female and long hair.

17th of April 2006

On the 15th of April 2006 about 15:00 hours Squirrel followed me everywhere and she screemed for attention. I thought that she would deliver today. About 20:00 hours she gave birth to one female kitten with a short tail. I was so excited. About 22:00 hours the contractions started again, but no kitten followed. About 23:30 hours still no kitten. So I contacted the vet. I called for the animal ambulance (since I don't have a car myself). The vet gave her something to start the contractions. But about 05:45 hours still no contractions or kitten. So at 10:00 hours I went to another vet (since the first vet her duty was finished) mrs. Auwerda. She took two x-rays (see picture) and unfortunately this kitten layed crosswise. So therefore Squirrel couldn't deliver this kitten herself. Squirrel and kitten 1 stayed at the vet and the vet had to make a caesarean section. About 16:30 hours Henny and I went to the vet to take moms and her two kittens home. The vet saved kitten two (male with short tail). I thanked her for everything. She saved my little boy and she took such great care of mother and kittens. Everything worked out just fine. When moms and her kittens were at home, mother started eating almost right a way. Finally I had a good night sleep myself. Because the night before I couldn't sleep and was very busy to check on the mother every time I heard a sound. This morning I took some pictures and weighed the kittens. Kitten 1 weighs about 105 gram and kitten 2 about 133 grams. As for now everything is going well. I am very happy about that. As far as I can tell for now, I will keep kitten 1 for myself and kitten 2 is already on option. So for the people who are interested in a kitten, they need to wait. I expect a new litter about October 2006.
25 March 2006

Herewith a picture of Timy. With thanks to Jinx! He is a half year old by now and weighs about 6 lbs. Isn’t he a beauty! I think Squirrel her kittens will just look like him, because this is their child also.
18 March 2006

Today Hennie and I went to Oostzaan to pay Thijs and Jolanda a visit. Thijs and Jolanda are the owners of Yindee (formerly kitten 2). It was a lovely day. They live in a big and beautiful home with a great surrounding. Yindee is a lucky lady with such lovely people and lovely cat friends (two male Ragdols and one female European shorthair). She has a special band with Spike (one of their male Ragdols see picture). Yindee has changed a bit. At first I thought she was having green eyes. But now she is about a half years old I saw that the colour has changed. She is having her daddy's eyes a bit hazel. Just like her sisters. Her fur is as short as her sisters but a bit more soft. Also her fur colour is beautiful. But her character is the same as her sisters. She is well socialized, she loves people, isn't scared of nobody, she can jump very good and high if she wants to (see picture), she loves to bring her toys back and loves to play with the other cats. Again thank you for this lovely day, Thijs and Jolanda!

Furthermore you will see two pictures of Brutus. He is feeling better every day. We tried a new strategy. We now leave his door open when we are at home. He tries to take a step in to the living room every day. And every day he discovers new things. Not that our other cats like him already, but we have hope that one day they will get used to each other. He really likes to be cuddled a lot but isn't used to strangers. But that is not so strange. Because I cuddle him about 5 times a day. This takes time and Brutus needs a lot of time. The strange thing is that Squirrel loves to sleep in his room while she doesn't like Brutus at all now she is pregnant. But I think that she wants to have her babies in this room, because this room is not so crowdie with my other cats. But what she doesn't know is that we are preparing a new room for her where she can have her kittens.

Herewith some new pictures of Yindee and Brutus.

16 March 2006

Last Tuesday Marty paid me a visit. Marty is the mother of Martijn who bought Miep from me (formerly kitten 3). It was a pleasant day. Miep is doing very well. She is a real pixie. Full of energy and so predictable. She likes to jump on you shoulder or attacks your feet if she got the chance. She also likes to sleep with you in bed and especially under your blankets. And of course she follows you were ever you go and really likes to chat with you. Here are some pictures taken by her owners. With special thanks to Marty and Martijn.
8 March 2006

Today we made an echo of Squirrel her belly. She is carrying two kittens. It isn't that much, but I am really happy. Only some people who are interested in a kitten will have to wait a little longer. The picture below shows the echo. Unfortunately it isn't a clear one. The red line shows the kitten's umbilical cord. It is so much fun to take care of kittens. I can't hardly wait till the day she is due.
7 March 2006

Here are some new pictures of Charlie. With thanks to Karin and her family. Yes Charlie in the snow on the leash. These pictures were taken on the 4th of March. She really likes to play outside and the leash she doesn't mind at all. She will sit for it and wait till her people get it on. Because she knows when they have put the leash on she may go outside to play. A real pixiebob!
1 March 2006

Squirrel is pregnant! I did thinks so, but I needed a confirmation. Two of her teats are already pink and the other ones are a just a bit bigger. Her first day in heat was on the 8th of February. So she will expects her kittens somewhere about the 12th of April. I am really looking forward!!
17 February 2006

Yes, I am not sure if Squirrel is pregnant already. I have been noticing that she eats a lot. But in a week or three you will notice a change in her teats. When a cat is pregnant her teats will grow a bit and become pinker. So I have to wait a few weeks before I am really sure. And if her teats show, then I will get an echo done to see how many kittens she carries. This is for us nice to know. Then you will know when she is finished giving birth. Brutus is doing very well by the way. He now loves cuddling and he keeps nuzzling up against me. The only problem is that he doesn't like my other cats and they don't like him. So he has to be alone in a room. And I really hate that. I find it so sad for him. But for now there is no other way. Any tips are welcome!
13 February 2006

Good news for Brutus and me. After a week full of stress and fear Brutus finally lets me cuddle him. This is sooner then I dared to hope for. He was so extremely frightened. He still is a bit afraid especially to new sounds, but he isn't afraid of me anymore. YES! Lots of cuddles, attention and patience do miracles. He also ate and drank something when I was with him. And you must know that I didn't saw him do this before. Therefore in the first few days a feed him myself and I weigh him everyday. But no weigh loss. I am so proud of my sweet and beautiful Brutus! But I am not finished with his 'cuddle therapy' yet. Because if you stop now, he may be scarred all over again. So I will continue for a while. Not that I don't cuddle him afterwards, but not 30 times a day anymore. I would also love it when he dares to leave his room and join us in the living room. But he isn't used to that. Sometimes he takes a big run, but an even bigger run to his room. He is a bit scarred of our other cats unfortunately. But who knows! Only a week has gone by.
8 February 2006

Squirrel is/was in heat today and she ‘spend the night’ with Brutus. If she is pregnant she will expect a litter somewhere in April 2006!
5 February 2006

Herewith are some new pictures. Squirrel is already the 'boss' in the house. She is so sweet and brave. Not afraid of anyone/anything. Brutus on the other hand is very scarred. We have to spend a lot of time with him and give him lots of attention. I think, as far as I can tell, that he will never get used to strangers. So we won't bother him with visitors for now except Gerrit and me. We won't scare him more then he is already. I think that he is really traumatised from his long flight. And besides that he lived in a room apart from other cats. So he is probably very scarred off our other cats. Not that they enter his room, but they will lie in front of his door. They are curious and who can blame them? But maybe he will get over it. He doesn't want to eat himself yet. So today I had to feet him. But that is easy because he is, on the other hand, easy to handle. Except catching him and picking him up. That he doesn't like for now. I feel really sorry for him. But I promise him that we will do our utmost for him.
4 February 2006

Brutus and Squirrel arrived in Holland! Friday the 3rd of February we (Gerrit, Hennie and myself) went to Schiphol-Amsterdam to pickup Brutus and Squirrel. HENNIE I HEREWITH WANT TO THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR GREAT HELP! We don't have a car ourselves. So we really need all the help we can get. We stood up at 06.00 hours to do our last preparations. At 07.00 we left home. We arrived at Schiphol about 07.45. Before you can pick up your cats you have to do a lot of paperwork and also you have to pay taxes. At 12.00 we were finished with all the formalities and we left to see our vet in The Hague. Squirrel was in excellent shape, but Brutus was a bit dehydrated. So Brutus got a drip. He also got some eye drops, because his eyes were a bit red. All caused to the flight and the stress. And stressful it was. You must know that they were on a flight on Wednesday from Iowa to Chicago. There they had to stay the night and on Thursday they went from Chicago to Holland. So that was such a long trip. About 13.30 we arrived home in Voorburg. We put Squirrel and Brutus in one room. But Squirrel was so excited that we put her in the living room with our other cats soon. And she is doing great. She is a sweet and curious little lady. And when my other cats come to close she just hits them. As small as she is. Brutus on the other hand is very scarred. He only hides himself in the letterbox. So Gerrit put the lid of the letterbox on top of his basket for now. He already peed in his room. And the smell is so strong! But this room is good cleanable. So we don't mind for now, but do hope that this isn't a daily activity. I hope he will find his place in his new home soon. He is sweet but very shy. We have to work on that. We will give him a lot of attention. Squirrel on the other hand is very curious and brave.

I do want to thank Jinx for everything she did for me. To trust her beloved cats to me, for her good help and for all the work she has done to get them to Holland. Thanks!
Yes we are very happy with Brutus and Squirrel and hopefully they will too.
Here are some pictures taken today.

29 January 2006

Today Hennie (friend of mine) and I paid a visit to Charlie in Nieuwegein. We couldn't find the address, but we were close. So Karin was so nice to lead us the way. The whole family was at home. It is such a nice family. They are all very friendly. To remind you. Charlie lives with mother, father and four sons. Besides people she has the house all to herself. No competition from other animals. Yes she is a lucky lady. Everyone in this family loves her. She gets a lot of attention. And besides that she lives in a beautiful home. It is just like a fairy tail. You would like the best for your kittens. And when you see that they have the best you wished for it makes it so much easier to say goodbye. You must know that Charlie didn't recognize me at all. And that is a good thing. I want to thank this lovely family for adopting Charlie and taking such good care. Charlie looked at her best. Very muscular and in excellent health. She looks like Major but the face of Money but then again the eye colour of Major. That is so funny. Herewith some pictures taken today. Isn't she beautiful?
14th of January 2006

Gerrit took Major out again to take some funny pictures. As you can see Major loves it and he is a true comedian!
6 January 2006

Herewith some new pictures of Major. I think he can't hardly wait for his new female to arrive (but he has to share her for now). He is so sweet. At this time of writing he is lying on my lap. He really loves human attention and I love him so much! Gerrit took him outside and made a few pictures of him. Major likes to have some fresh air and fresh it was. About 1 degree above 0! But he can handle that. Yes Major we have to wait just one month and then your new friends Brutus and Squirrel will arrive in Holland. I really hope that they will become friends. But two 'unnuetered' males can be so competitive. And females mostly like 'unneutered' males only when they are in heat. So we have to wait and see.
Diary 3) 6 January 2006 - 19 April 2006