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16th of November 2005

Sunday November, 20 I will go to a cat show organized by the NRKV in Wassenaar. Unfortunately I won't take my pixie-bobs with me. Because it isn't a TICA show. And I won't have them classified as housecats. That would be a shame. But I will promote this new breed. We will be noticed, because I had made a t-shirt with my cattery name on it. And I will also have some folders. I hope to meet a few of you who ask me for information about this breed recently. I will take my two beautiful British shorthairs with me. I hope they will do great. If not I don't care. I am not that fond of cat shows. There is a lot of competition (and not everybody is a good looser). But you will also meet some new nice people with the same passion. Cats.

The kittens are doing great as always. Kitten 1 is already more then 1200 gram. She is at this moment the heaviest of the three. They are excellent climbers. They can reach the highest board/plank. And they don't use my furniture to scratch on. I advice everyone to give their cats a climbing/scratch pole. They are a bit expensive, but you will earn your money back. Because they won't use your furniture.

13th of November 2005

Since today kitten number 1 has also been sold. She will live with this great family in Niewegein. Mom and dad and four boys! Yesterday they paid my cats and me a visit. This was the kittens their first time that they saw so many people at one time. But they were great. They didn't fear so many people. They played with each and every one of them. So much attention in one evening. They just loved it. I am so happy that my kittens will live with such wonderful people. This will make saying goodbye easier for me. Kitten 2 named Yindee has already been sold a while ago. She will live in Oostzaan with a wonderful couple. They love animals and will give Yindee a lot of attention and a good home. So I am very lucky. Kitten number 3 is getting more spirit every day. She isn't afraid of anything anymore. She was a bit shy in the beginning, but after our last visit shy won't be mentioned in her dictionary anymore
2 January 2006

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year! I hope that this year will be a good year for all of us. Today I received some new photo’s of Squirrel, Brutus and Tim (their kitten). Thank you Jinx! I can’t hardly wait for them to come to Holland. But I expect them in the beginning of February. So I have to have patience. Charlie, Yindee and Miep are doing great. The new owners keep me informed and tell me all about them. And I will visit them all this year. Lucky me.
21st of December 2005

Lets introduce.....

After all the bad news, take leave of Money so soon and abrupt finishing my hobby, I have some good news too. I finally found myself two lovely and beautiful pixiebobs. They are called Brutus (Starsnstripes Brutus of Philosofelines) and Squirrel (Mojoscathouse Epicurus of Philosofelines). They will be coming all the way from Iowa (USA) of cattery Philosofelines. The owner (Jinx) of my future cats was unfortunately compelled to quit her breeding project. I got in touch with her and asked her if I could take care of her Brutus and Squirrel in future and continue their bloodlines. They are not kittens anymore but about one and a half years old. They already had their first litter. Besides their beautiful looks and sweet personality (Squirrel is half long haired and has a half long tail and Brutus is a shorthair and has a very short tail) I will be able to continue my breeding project soon. Yes I am very happy with this prospect. For a moment I thought I had lost everything, but when you invested so much of your free time and all of your savings, then you will think this over and over. And I thought no! That will be such a waste of my time and money. I have to continue. And now this opportunity came my way I had to give it a shot. With special thanks to Jinx for her faith in me and for the pictures. I am expecting Squirrel and Brutus in the beginning of February of 2006. So there will be a litter coming soon.
10th of December 2005

Today our last kitten Miep went to her new home in Bovenkarspel. It feels a bit empty without kittens to take care of, but it is such a relieve that I find them all a good home with nice people. The whole family came today. Mother, father and their two sons. Their oldest son of 21 owns Miep. But he isn't home a lot (he travels around the world for his job) and he still lives at his parent's house. So it will be the mother who will take care of Miep in the beginning. Miep did ok her first day. She played with the humans but she has to make friends with the other animals also. But I think she will soon.
7th of December 2005

Last Saturday (3 December) Charlie went to her new home. She doesn't have any competition, because there are no other animals in their house. So she felt at home really quick. And that day many people came to see her and she didn't mind at all. She isn't scared at all and she loves attention. She also discovered her new climbing pole that they bought just for her. And she loved it! What a lucky lady Charlie is!

Today (7 December) Yindee went to her new home. Almost all the way in the car she screamed. When she arrived at her new home she was first put in a separate room to give her time to rest. They left the door a bit open so the other cats could see her and she could see her future friends. They weren't very fond of her, but that will come soon. She isn't scared at all, but she has to know her place in the group. She also slept in the arms of one of her new human friends.  I hope that Yindee will make new friends soon. She is such a lucky lady to live with these nice people and lovely cats.

2 December 2005

Bad news. Yesterday Money seems to be not well at all. She didn't wanted to eat and she had difficulty in breathing. Again I went to my vet. They took an x-ray. They saw a lot of fluid behind her longs. So after that we went immediately to Noordwijkerhout for an echo. Conclusion HCM. It is not to tell how she got it. So don't make any conclusions. I won't either. But the bad thing is that I miss her and that she had such a short life. The vet who made an echo did give her an injection to loos this fluid. About 8 pm she still had trouble breathing. So we went to my vet again. She stayed for the night. But the next day (today) she still had trouble breathing and we decided to put her to sleep. This was a big shock for all of us. We love her so much and she will never see her babies again. But she doesn't have to suffer anymore. And I put my animals in the first place at all times. It went very fast because we had her checked on HCM in August this year. No symptoms then.

My next step was to call the people who bought a kitten from me. I told them that they could decide to cancel their purchase. But if they bought my kittens anyway I promised them to give them a sort of guarantee. When their kitten will die on HCM in the first couple of years they will get their money back. I am a responsible breeder and I always will be. But my project is lying still for now. I have to find a new female first. And I don't know by whom I will buy another kitten and when. So I am very sad in many ways.

Furthermore I want to thank the buyers for their faith in me and for their nice words. I also want to thank Gerrit and Hennie for all their help! I couldn't handle this myself without all of your help. THANKS
1st of December 2005

Good news. Kitten 3 has found herself a new home. Her name will be Enje Miep. She will live with a nice family in Bovenkarspel. Their son will be the owner of Miep but until he leaves his parental home his mother will take care of her and learn his son what it takes to take care for a kitten.Congratulations with your new baby! And I will certainly pay Miep a visit sometimes.
Kitten 2 MajorTess' Yindee
Kitten 3 MajorTess' Enje Miep
Kitten 1 MajorTess' Charlie
30th of November 2005

Mother and kittens are doing great as usual. I don’t give them any medication anymore. They gain weight again and they weigh just like they did a few days before. They are so lovely. They just scream for attention. And of course I will give this to them. Below you will find some pictures of the kittens and me taken today. These are maybe the last pictures that will be taken of them. Because they will leave home soon. Kitten 3 is still available, but there are a few persons interested. So she will find herself a new home. I just don’t know with whom and when. I will certainly miss them a lot. But I will ask people if I can visit them at least one more time. To see how they are doing and how they are developing. Aren’t they to die for?
21st of November 2005

Yesterday we went to a cat show in Wassenaar. Macho and Misty both received their CAP title. I don't know how to translate this in English. But they didn't win a price. And Fonzy the cat from my friend didn't won a price also. But I still think he is beautiful. But he isn't fully grown yet. So maybe next year he will do better. We had organized to meet some people. This makes a long day much easier. You have always someone to talk with and you can help each other. One of my show friends won so many prices with her cats. She was a very lucky lady. I didn't take my pixie-bobs with me. This wasn't a TICA show. But maybe next time. Below you will find some pictures of that day. My boyfriend and my two British shorthairs.
19th of November 2005

Today two young ladies (sisters) from Den Bosch visited me. They are nice young ladies. One of them was really interested in kitten 3, but I find her very young (18 years old) and she still lives at her parent's house. I can't sell her a kitten without the permission of her parents. It is a lot of money for such a young girl. So I asked her to discuss this with her mother and then call me. Until then I will reserve this kitten for her. But they have to call me in the next coming days.

Tomorrow I will go with my good friend and also neighbour to a cat show in Wassenaar. I will take my two British shorthairs with me. So I will go to bed early. It will be a long day. We want to arrive early. So we don't have to wait outside in the cold for the vetenarion check. Her car will be overloaded. When you go to a cat show you have more baggage then when you go on a two weeks vacation. My friend will take her Turkish Angora with her named Fonzy. I think he is a winner. He is so beautiful and has my favourite colour 'red'. I hope she will win a price.

Furthermore the people from Nieuwegein who bought kitten 1, named her Charlie. I think it is a nice name for her. I will let her get used to her new name. And what Charlie doesn't know is that she will have a beautiful climbing/scratch pole. She is such a lucky lady.

Of course I will let Yindee also get used to her new name. One of the ladies who visited me today did also receive a hair wash. Yindee climbed on her head and started to wash her hair. Isn't that lovely! Also Yindee will be in good hands with these nice people from Oostzaan.
29 november 2005

Last Saturday I was a bit scared. Money and her babies got diarrhoea, they threw up and they didn't want to eat. So that evening I went to see a vet. This is my first litter and I am inexperienced at this point. But after a good look from the vet she concluded that it was nothing more then gastroenteritis. I didn't know that cats could get this too. I don't know how they got this. Maybe I took it with me from the cats show or maybe some of my visitors took it with them. But it is very good treatable.

The mother and kittens received something for the nausea (metocloral) and something against diarrhoea (diarsanyl). And within a few days they were completely recovered.

But you must know that in these situations you have to go to your vet. Your cat can easily dry out and when they don't eat for a few days it can harm their liver. But what my vet told me is that I have been blessed. The kittens are doing great from day one. Never had anything. The same for Money. I think this is a strong breed. But time will tell.

I am very happy and the next time I won't be so afraid.

17th of November 2005

This page is totally devoted to kitten 3. She is a beautiful and lovely kitten. The only reason I didn't find her a new home yet is because some people think it is a lot of money to spend on a cat or they can't effort it at that moment. I can't blame them if they can't effort it. But I tell people (only when they think that she is too expensive) that she isn't just an ordinary cat. She is worth it. You can't compare a pixie-bob to any other cat breed. Not for their looks and not for their personality. And besides the price I ask for her is just a fraction of what I paid for Major and Money. So my prices are very reasonable. Besides she is good socialized. She gets her attention daily from us people and from my other cats. If we don't find her a new home soon, we will keep her ourselves. Below you will find some new pictures taken today.
10th of November 2005

Next Monday the kittens will be 10 weeks old. They really grow fast. They become faster and cheekier every day. Yes people watch your plants. They can be poisonous. In my home they are not allowed to touch, climb or sit in my plants. But I had to take a picture. Kitten 1 is already 1090 gram and kitten 3 1023 gram. I think they are doing great. Aren't they to die for? Money isn't that big in size but did you notice her excellent heavy bones and muscular body? When you look at her pictures you must look at her legs they are so big. And Major is so muscular. So I think these kittens will have the best of both. The pictures below were taken today. You must also now that Major and Money are so sweet. They have such a great personality. They love to sleep next to me and Major sleeps in my arms. They talk to you although I can't always understand them. The kittens are as sweet as their parents too. They also talk to you when they see you and they climb your back if they got the change.
8th of November 2005

Last Sunday a nice couple from Amsterdam paid my kittens a visit. They were very enthusiastic about the kittens and especially about Major. Unfortunately they withdrew. The reason was that they prefer a male kitten with Majors look. I can't guarantee that they will be shorthaired like Major or semi longhaired like Money. But I did some research on the internet. I looked at many pictures of other breeders. As far as I can tell they will have Majors look. But male kittens will be (most of the time) heavier then female kittens. That is something people want. But females are just as pretty and sweet as males. And I think that they won't be that small when they are fully grown (which takes a year or four). I have a good feeling about it. I find it sad that most of the people prefer a male kitten. But it is their decision. I am not a good saleswoman. Thereby the price for a pixie-bob kitten is a bit higher then other breeds in Holland. But I have paid a lot more then other breeders in Holland paid for their breed cats.

When people want something exclusive and will be one of the first to own a pixie-bob, they must be willing to pay a bit extra for this special breed. I also guarantee a good service all stated in a contract. Do you want something exclusive, a good service, a beautiful wild look and a great character? This is something people must consider.

Next Monday the sweethearts are 10 weeks old. Time is going fast. This weekend a nice family from Nieuwegein will pay them a visit. I am so curious. Will this family take a change to raise this special breed in their own home? I hope they will be just as thrilled as I am about this breed. But then again a visit is absolutely free of obligations. I will never force somebody to buy a kitten from me. .

31 October 2005

Today my kittens had their first vaccination. I have to wait and see how they will react. But I think they will do just fine. They are so strong and healthy. My vet said to me that they are very beautiful and in excellent shape. He thinks their eyes will colour green and that they will be semi longhaired. But I am not convinced yet. When I am sure I will request for their pedigree. I didn't give them a name yet. I will let the future owner think of a name. The reason is that when I give them a name myself I am afraid that I get to attach.

2 November 2005

I have two appointments planned with people who are interested in this new breed. So maybe kitten no 1 and kitten no 3 will find themselves a new home soon. In Holland it isn't easy to sell a kitten, which is more expensive, then other known breeds. But I love to give it a try. And no I don't have to make a profit. What I like about it is that I get to know so many people. It is a new adventure and hobby for me.

4th of November 2005

Today I had a visitor. He never has heard of this breed before, but he liked what he saw. He will talk to his partner and think it over. Everyone can come to visit me and don't need to buy a kitten from me. I tell people to think it over. They are a bit expensive but so beautiful and lovely. Next Monday they will be 9 weeks old. Time flies. Today I made some new pictures. One kitten is washing the other one. Kitten number 1 and number 3 are more then 900 gram already. Kitten two is less heavy but so sweet and such a lovely coat. A bit softer then the other two. So maybe she is a longhaired after all. Furthermore they already eat the dry food of my adult cats when they have a change. But can food they don't (yet) like.
Diary 2) 31 October 2005 -  2 January 2006