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30 October 2005

Three in a row. They become faster, handier and more playful every day. Three little monkeys. Number 2 loves to climb on your head and gives you a face wash. Number 1 is a little wild thing. Try to take one of her toys and she will growl at you or at one of my other cats. Number three is a bit calmer. But she has her tricks also. She uses your legs to slide down. That is more comfortable to her then make a high jump.
25th of October 2005

Here are some new pictures taken on the 24th of October. The three sleeping on my lap, Major hiding under the pillows, the slipper attack and the three babies at exactly 7 weeks old.

21st of October 2005

The kittens are finally eating their selves. They prefer dry food for now. They are growing really fast. Kitten no. 3 is already 705 gram. And they are only seven weeks old next Monday. But they are so selfish. They hit each other during eating. They also swim in their food. I hope I can teach them some table manners before they will leave to their new home. Kitten no. 2 has already found her new parents. She will leave at the age of 13 weeks. I will miss her and I don't know how Money will react. But for now I have 6 more weeks to spend with them. Monday the 31st of October they will have their first vaccination. This weekend I will cut their nails again and give them something against worms. Not that I have seen any, but this is something you must do (at least three times before they will leave to their new home).
17th of October 2005

The kittens already know how to use the letterbox. I am so proud of them. They learn everything so naturally and quick. They have also eaten a bit although they prefer mother's milk. But Money is a bit impatient and don't give the kittens enough time to drink. So they lost a few grams weight. The reason she is a bit impatient is because she is in heat. I thought that one pill a week was enough? I didn't know that when she is in heat at the time you have to give a pill every day for about four/five days. When she isn't in heat anymore you can give one pill a week. But I have to be a bit patience myself. They soon will be eating on their own and gain some weight again. Here are some funny pictures taken on the 15th of October. One of the kittens is already fitnessing, one has caught a mouse, two are showing me how to use a dustpan and brush and one of them shows me how to clean a litter box properly.
12th of October 2005

The kittens are five weeks and a few days old. They become faster and more playful every day. But when they are tired they fall a sleep even on your lap. They really like to clime and hang in your trousers. So when I come home from the office the first thing I do is put on my "house suit". But don't worry I will let them use our climbing pole. And soon I will try to cut their nails. Because their nails are so sharp. And it makes cutting in future easier when they are from an early age used to it. Furthermore I can't wait for them to use their litter box for what it is meant for instead as a playfield. And I hope they will eat their first cat food soon.
5th of October 2005

Here are some new pictures taken on the 4th of October. They are so funny. Sometimes they walk backwards instead of forwards. One of them took a little sip of water already. Tomorrow they will have their first anti worm treatment. I hope they will forgive me. I just love them and I am very proud of these little ones.
Kitten 3
27th of September 2005

Today the kittens took their first steps. I also saw them play with each other. The first appointments are already made with people who are maybe interested. I know that the difficult part of breeding is saying good-bye to those beloved kittens. I try not to get too much attached, but it is so difficult. Here you will find some new pictures taken today.
Kitten 2
Kitten 1
23 September 2005

Here are some new pictures taken September, 23.
22 September 2005

Hi it is me again. It took me a while to write a new story in my diary. I have been ill for a while. But now I am feeling a bit better.

The kittens are 18 days old (I am counting the day they were born also, although they were born in the evening). They weigh more then 300 grams already. I think that is a lot. Not that this will guarantee that they will be giants when they are grown-ups. Because a pixie-bob doesn't have to be big to weigh a lot. He is so muscular and has heavy bones.

They all have their eyes wide open and they can see you. That is so lovely. They love to be cuddled and they purr so sweet. Before you know it they will walk around the house. But when you pick them up out of their box they will yell and scream and mother will come immediately. But I must say that Money tolerates a lot. Even the other cats may take a look. The first 1 1/2 week they slept in my bedroom. But now they sleep in the living room so they will soon get used to the normal things. The door is open. But when we aren't at home to supervise, we close the door (just in case).

Again all of my kittens were born with a long tail. Many breeders dock their tails, but that is something against my principles. Not that other people won't mention this to future buyers so that is something they must decide their selves. In Holland it is also forbidden. Furthermore I love their tails. And every size tail is possible in this breed. The only thing is that a long tail doesn't fit the standard. Which I think isn't right. Because the first pixie-bob (if we can believe the legend) was born out of a bobcat (short tail) and a domestic cat (long tail). And there are a few variants as polydactyl (two of my kittens are by the way), different sizes tails and medium long hair and short hair. So I find it a pity that the long tails aren't showable. For example. When you breed British Shorthair cats now and then will have long hair. This is because they were mixed with the persians cats. In Holland the British longhair isn't recognized but in some other countries (like Belgium) they are. Not that a pixie-bob with a long tail isn't recognized. They will have a pedigree, but again they aren't showable. Unfortunately. But you must know that a kitten with a docked tail can't be showed also. Enough about the tails. I love my little kittens with all my heart and I hope they will find them a good home.

29th of July 2005

For the record. I am not the first breeder of the Pixie-bob in Holland, but I am the only one for now. It was my namesake Linda Hilberink who wrote an article in a Dutch magazine called Majesteit. When I read about this breed I became in love immediately. The Pixie-bob is beautiful, sweet and special. I had to have one of my own. But unfortunately Linda had to stop her breeding program. So I had to import one myself. And because they are rare and expensive I thought I could give it try to breed pixies myself. So I imported a male and female pixie. And yes now Money is pregnant. And I am so happy for that. At the 10th of August Money and Major will be tested for common heart diseases (via an echogram) and at the same time we will take an echogram of her belly as well. To see if everything is all right and to count how many kittens she will have. They are already tested for aids and leukaemia. And these results were negative (what means that they don't have one of these diseases). So I hope these last tests will be ok too. I will keep you informed.

11th of August 2005

Yesterday my boyfriend and my neighbour (and close friend) had taken Money and Major for their tests. They both are in excellent health. No heart diseases. And besides Money is carrying three little kittens. She and here babies are doing great. The vet told them that they are about 6 or 7 weeks old. I wish I could be there too, but I am not feeling well lately. I am glad they would do this for me.

8th of September 2005

Money and her kittens are doing great. They are growing really fast. And Money is a good mother. For example day 4:
Kitten 1 is already 130 gram
Kitten 2 is already 143 gram
Kitten 3 is already 147 gram
I still think that these kittens are all females. But I need someone to confirm this because this is my first litter. Therefore I don't have any names yet and I will ask for their pedigree until I am sure what their gender is. These pictures were taken when they were 2 days old. Aren't they beautiful?

14th of September 2005

Money and the kittens are still doing great. They are a week old now. They grow very fast. For example yesterday (one week old):
Kitten 1 is already 197 gram
Kitten 2 is already 220 gram
Kitten 3 is already 220 gram
These pictures below were taken yesterday.

5th of June 2005

Today I made some nice pictures. Money washing Macho for example. Macho is one of mine British shorthairs. And Major doing crazy as usual. Major did gain some weight. He now weighs about 3,9 kilo's (about 8 pounds). Today he is 6 months so he is really growing well. I hope Money will be pregnant soon.

11th of June 2005

Today I finally received Major's pedigree. There were some difficulties. Majors name was already taken (we didn't knew that). So his name had to change a bit. For now on his name will be: Major NO. 1. But I will refer to Major (from Cattery Bobcat Legends). Furthermore Money and Major are so sweet. Today they both (not at once) sat on my lap. They gave me those little bites they give to other cats. I call them love bites. They do that to each other when they wash each other. But when they love you as a human they sometimes will do that to you too. Another thing. Since I have so many cats around the house I have teach them from day one to eat together from one big plate (this only for can food and things like fish). They never fight about food in the house. It has many advantages. They eat together as a group and some are waiting their turn. They don't eat to fast and also important you don't have to many dishes. Look at this nice photo below. Only Muchi (British Longhair) isn't on this picture. She doesn't like fish.

22nd of June 2005

Yesterday Gerrit found a big pee at the front door. And the smell was terrible. We now know that Major is ready. The litter box smells terrible also (and yes we clean them very often). But now Major is ready Money doesn't want him to get too close. She growls at him and hits him. But I got a good feeling about this. I only have to wait for Money to get in heat again. Finally!

28th of June 2005

Money is in heat again. And this time I am happy about it. I put Money and Major in a separate room last evening. I will put them together for two more nights. I hope they will succeed this time. But we looked from a distance what they were doing and it looked like Major doesn't understand how things work. He bites her neck and climes on top but that's it. I hope he will learn fast.

26 May 2005

Tomorrow my vet will give us a visit at home. She visits us every year. They all will have their vaccinations (7 cats) and a shot against worms. This is much easier for me then driving 7 times a year to my vet. In the beginning you have to give one cat his/her vaccination a bit earlier and the other a bit later. But after that they all have the same date to have their vaccination. It is a bit stressful. How will they behave? Wont they run away. I will close the living room first. And then one by one on the diner table. They probably hate me for that. But it is so important.

Furthermore our love couple is doing great. Money is in heat as usual and Major is showing that he is THE MAN in the house. But next month he will be 6 months and I don't think he is ready yet. But he did practice a lot. This is a funny picture of him under my Garfield lamp. I am also a great fan of Garfield. This for now. Hope to have great news soon. Keep trying Major!

15th of May 2005

I have some great news. Major is growing really fast. In one month he went up from 2,6 kilo's (5,2 pounds) to 3,6 (7,2 pounds) kilo's. He is doing great. His legs are so long that he often stumbles over his own feet. Money is still a little girl and Major is catching up with her very fast. But the both are really beautiful and sweet as always.
18th of April 2005

From the 15th of April Money and Major are inseparable. Money is very much in heat and that helped. Money is washing Major and Major is trying but doesn't understand what he is supposed to do. He is so young. He is only 4 months old. I don't expect any kittens soon but there are some cases where a little male was ready at the age of four months. So who will tell? Maybe they have a litter soon. Furthermore I had Money also tested for aids and leukaemia and everything is ok.
12th of April 2005

Today even Money came close to Major and she was trying to sniff at him. For a moment she was (in my view) nice to him. So I hope everything is working out fine between them. She doesn’t know that he is her future partner. But she will find out.
10th of April 2005

I have never had a cat that is so affectionate from day one. He can lie on your lap and purr for hours. He looks you in the eye saying I love you. Unfortunately he hasn't made any friends yet, but they let him for what he is. They don't harm him or blow at each other. He is so beautiful as a Pixie can be. Look at his beautiful spots on his belly. He is everything and more, as a Pixie should be.
9th of April 2005

Major is still a little baby (4 months old). He was a bad little boy today. He dug in every large flower box. He made a mess of my house. But I forgive him. He is still a baby. Yesterday evening he was so tired he fell a sleep in my mailbox. Everything is so new for him. He has so much to discover that he doesn't sleep too much during the day. Furthermore Money still doesn't like him. But I have to be patience.
The 6th of April 2005

Major finally arrived in Holland. I am so happy. We left home at 07:30. At 08:45 we arrived at the airport. We went to the Animal hotel. The people at the Animal hotel gave us some documents. With these documents we went trough customs. They gave us an invoice and unfortunately we had to pay this invoice at the Customs house at the airport itself. After that we went back to the customs house close by the Animal hotel. We showed them the papers and they give the documents the last stamps needed. With these papers we went to the Animal hotel for the last time. And finally at 11:30 we received our Major. In the car he was so happy. I took him out of his box and put him on my lap for a while. Before we went home I had him checked by my vet in The Hague. We had him checked on basic things and tested him on cat aids and leukaemia. Everything was ok. After that we took him home and showed him his future room. We will show him to our other cats in a few days. Because we don't want to scare him too much. He is a lovely and beautiful cat. I am really exciting.

The 7th of April 2005

When I went to see him this morning he was really over excited. So happy and sweet. For a short period I put my other cats in a separate room. So Major could see our living room. Everything is new to him. Later this day I hold him in my arms and confronted him with my other cats. He wasn't thrilled to see them. It just takes a few days to take his place in the group. But he will. With lots of patience from all of us. Below you will find some photo's (slide show) of his homecoming.

The 8th of April 2005

At this time of writing Major is walking around the house without my constant supervision. He doesn't have any friends yet, but I am sure he will soon. I added some new photos to my slide show. He is very curious and my other cats too. They didn't harm him but they see him as an intruder. I hope in a few days this will be all behind us. I hope Money is going to like him soon.

Diary 1) 6 April 2005 - 30 October 2005