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26 September 2010
Unfortunately I don't find the time anymore to translate my diary in English. For now I only will write my stories in Dutch. So if you like to see pictures of how my cats/kittens are doing I would refer to my Dutch diary. Click on the following link. Of course I will answer all your questions about the info in my diaries in English.
4 September 2010
Saturday last week, Hennie and I paid Ton, Minke and family a visited in Tiel. They live beautifully! A very big house with a large garden and the cats are running around freely. It was very enjoyable and fun to get acquainted with a view of their family members. It was also nice to see some of their other pets besides Silas. Silas has grown, but is still a bit on the small side. He now weighs about 4 kg. Now this should not spoil the fun, because Silas is so cuddly and sweet. Silas is also close pals with their red rascal Jochem! These two are inseparable (see photo). I want to thank Ton and Minke again for taking such good care of Silas and for their hospitality. Please give Silas a cuddle from me.

Yesterday Mireille and Sharon paid me a visit. Mireille still doubted whether she would be taking Bumper with her, but she didn
’t dare eventually. I would love it if she did of course;-). I want to thank Mireille for her lovely gift! Very sweet! It was a pleasant evening as always and due to this hobby I made some nice friends. So thanks again for visiting me and I am very pleased that you will be visiting me again to look at our future kittens!

Know this is a big surprise for me, but Mia is also pregnant!. I have not seen Mia and Mambo do anything, but it seems that Mia her nipples are bigger and more pink. If everything goes well then she will be due around October 12th. When Mia was in heat I let Mambo practice, but because I've seen nothing happen I thought they failed. I was even afraid that Mambo couldn
’t do the job;-).. I am really exciting. I keep my fingers crossed that Mia and Macy don’t get too many kittens ... ...

Finally, I have my third TICA Cattery Award! Always nice when you can show that you meet the requirements that TICA claims to a breeder. And I can proudly say that I am a responsible breeder. Click the attached
27 August 2010
I have reveived a number of updates and I want to thank everybody for that. These messages keep my site alive! To begin an update from Mireille about Bumper.
Until recently Bumper was lying head to head with Bengel! Unfortunately, Mireille had no camera at hand, because this is really unique for Bengel. Bumper wants to be friends, but Banjer and Bengel are still not very fond of her... But who knows. And it seems to go better between them every day Mireille wrote. Bumper weighs now (at 8 months) about 3.7 kg so she grows very well. And yes males are a bit heavier, but 4 kg for a girl is a nice weight. Mireille just loves Bumpers big feet ;-). Yes, I can’t resist looking at those big poly feet too. These extra toes make their feet huge;-). ... And B & B & B now also have a fighting pillow! See photo! All three women are fond of it and that thing is soaking wet after playing due to the catnip. Furthermore, Mireille is enormously fond of Bumper. Bumper loves to be cuddled and starts to purr very loud immediately. And this relaxes us people too;-). Mireille, thanks for the nice update and great photos and see you soon!

I also received an update from Hilly about their Bobbie. Bobbie had his back leg broken a short while ago! That was a bit of a shock. Hilly discovered this when she came home from work. Normally, Poere, Tiger and Bobbie greet her directly when she opens the door, but that day Bobby didn’t. So Hilly searched for Bobbie and he had hide himself in the attic in a corner. When Bobbie saw Hilly he came to her but didn’t used his rear left leg. How it happened is a mystery for Hilly and Jan. Hilly and Jan took him to the vet immediately and the vet made an x-ray. The x-ray showed that he had two fractures in his back leg. They had to lock him up in a cage for three weeks, but that was something they couldn’t do since he isn’t used to that. So, they had him temporarily moved to the future nursery room and made this room a temporary Bobbie-room! And they put all his stuff in there like a nice blanket, the litter box, a play tent, food and water. So when Jan and Hilly had to work, he had to stay in his room, but once they came home Bobbie could go in to the living room. The first days were really sad, but soon he could play again with his friends. After these three weeks he did well again like nothing ever happened. What a story Hilly! Luckily I never had this myself with one of our cats. Hilly, thanks again for the update and give your four legged dear ones a cuddle from me!

I also received another nice update from Laura and her Bubbles and Bengel. It goes very well with these two. Bengel is a sweet guy. He will follow you everywhere and wants to be close to people. Laura wrote to me that you can’t enter the bathroom without Bengel coming in. Bengel wants to see and smell everything. And he still begs for a piece of toilet paper to play with. And he loves to run up the stairs with his piece of paper in his mouth. Bengel lets himself picked up at any time. He doesn’t mind at all. And if he wants to be alone, he explores the area from the attic stairs. Because he does want to see everything and take action if necessary. But the poor Bengel - who is afraid of water like his dad Major – felled in the swimming pool a short while ago! Nobody saw how it happened, but suddenly they heard a splash and they saw the poor boy in their swimming pool. Gladly he climbed out himself. They dried him with a towel and after that he washed himself for hours. Bengel now weighs about 4.9 kg and is already a big boy. Bubbles weighs about 3.1 kg. Bubbles is more of a headstrong girl, Laura writes. Bubbels only wants to be picked up and cuddled when she feels like it, and preferably by Fleur and Merel (daughters). And she also has her own cuddling times. Usually early in the morning or late in the evening and when she wants something from you. For example when she wants to go outside. She then will rolling over the floor to get your attention. Last time she entered the rabbit cage and started to explore the cage by sniffing while the rabbit was still inside. Gladly nothing happened, but last time she really surprised the family by catching a (still) alive mouse! Fleur and Merel tried to save the mouse, but Bubbels still managed to taking the mouse in their home. So the poor mouse also had to protect himself for Bengel... Eventually they succeed to save the poor little mouse and put him outside. I am so happy about that;-). Laura, thanks again for your nice update and pictures!

22 August 2010
Yesterday, I visited Astrid and Arjen. It was very nice seeing them again and we had good weather so we could sit in the garden. Astrid had made a delicious cake! Bruce has grown a lot. He is as big as Leevie, but yet his own specific look. More red in his coat and he also has large tufts on his ears. Yes, Bruce is beautiful, sweet and very playful. So I had to take some pictures of him. But Astrid and Arjen are photogenic too. So I also took a few pictures of them too;-). Yes, they live very nice. In the city center of Eindhoven. They are one of the few with a garden. And that's lucky for Bruce! He loves playing outside trying to catch some bugs. Bruce is a cuddly cat and he sees Astrid and Arjen a bit like his 'chief cats’. He loves to challenge them to play with him. And when they aren’t in the mood to play anymore, he grabs them with his paw. And in the evening when they go to bed, he will crawl in Astrid her neck. So sweet! Astrid and Arjen, thanks again for your hospitality and the good care for Bruce!

I also want to refer to the attached
link. Astrid had made a video of Bruce and put it on Youtube. This movie I also like to share with you. So here you can see Bruce in action.
7 August 2010
Macy is so nasty to our other cats. More than usual. This is also a sign for me that she is pregnant. Since their behavior changes due to hormones. I am looking forward having kittens again. Can’t get enough of those little ones. I will never get tired of kittens. Except when we had so many kittens at ones. After that I did need some rest. But enough rest! I want to have kittens again;-).

Frencis sent me an update and pictures of Tommy. Frencis has her hands full with Tommy. Because Tommy is a real “bastard”! Frencis likes the balcony door open when it's hot, but do not want Tommy to escape. A screen door seemed the outcome. But not for Tommy! He already knows how he can get this door open and escaped the last time. Frencis panicked of course. Where is Tommy? But when she rattled with his favorite sweets and yes there was Tommy! He appeared to enjoy the neighbors balcony and sat there and looked like nothing had happened! Now her father made some extra hooks on the screen door so that he can’t open it anymore. Changing the bed sheets is indeed an art with a pixie "on the loose". Sometimes he even crawls into the bed cover. But once the bed is made, there is nothing nicer than a clean bed (see photos). Recently Frencis’ father measured Tommy when he layed stretched out on the windowsill. He is almost 1 meter long measured from his hind legs back and his front legs forward. Well that's big! Frencis is still going true a rough time losing her husband so suddenly at such a young age. Of course she has some bad and some good days. She is also delighted that Tommy is there when she comes home and cuddles her. It is so hard to imagine what she is going trough……. I did know Piet briefly, but he was such a lovely man. Frencis I want to wish you all the best. Gladly Tommy is very fond of Frencis and loves to cuddle and lie next to her. And the funny thing is that he will let her know when it's bedtime. About 22.00 hours he starts to beep softly and makes advance preparations to go to bed. Frencis thanks again for the update and nice pictures. Lots of strength and hope to see you soon!

Mireille and her family are back from a well deserved vacation. Herewith an update on Bumper. The cats were well cared for by their neighbor during their absence, but those silly cats didn’t come to meet him. Every time he came, they ran upstairs. He has tried everything. Quietly watching TV and calling them, but none of the cats came downstairs. Poor Bumper, Banjer and Bengel ... .... They missed out on a lot of cuddles. And when Mireille and family came back home from their holiday, Bumper needed to run true the room before she lets herself being cuddled. And when Mireille went to bed she couldn’t sleep. Since Bumper had to wash Mireille for more than two hours! And this ritual was repeated the next day, because bumper could not wait until Mireille went back to bed again. Yes, that sounds familiar to me. See Tommy’s update ;-). Bumper is still a little girl Mireille wrote. She now weighs about 3.4 kilograms, but she does eat very well. Mireille, thanks again for your update and pictures! I am looking forward to your visit in September.

I also received an update from Laura from Bubbels and Bengel. They also returned from a well deserved holiday. Laura’s parents took care of Bubbels and Bengel. But Bengel was a bit scarred of Laura’s father. Probably because her father is very tall. But Bengel does prefer women anyway. Yes, also cats have their preferences. Some of our cats like my partner and some of them like me more. And there is nothing we can do about that;-). But Bubbels and Bengel both love children. So maybe it is the height of us humans after all? Since the girls (daughters) can do anything with them. They can hang Bengel upside down and Bengel doesn’t care. Funny creatures cats… B&B were a bit ill last time. A virus. But after the vet gave them something for their fever and for the diarrhea they got better in a few days. So nothing to worry about. This time only some pictures of Bengel. Bubbels was too quick to take a good picture. Bengel is a good looking boy! Laura, again thanks for your update and the lovely pictures of Bengel.
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