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31 July 2010
I have good news! Macy and Major did a good job. I saw them succeed so I dare to say that Macy is pregnant. If all goes well, then she will be due around September 26. I can’t wait. Looking forward having kittens again. For now I have to keep my fingers crossed that everything goes well and hopefully soon Macy will have a healthy litter. Moreover Mambo. He still doesn’t know what to do with females in heat. When Macy was in heat he never approached her. Ok they aren’t friends, but that shouldn’t matter when the female is in heat. But no ... Mambo doesn’t understand what is expected from him. He makes no move, doesn’t spray (yet and glad about that) and doesn’t have those fat jowls. So perhaps a late bloomer or in the worst case he isn’t fertile. We'll see.

A few days ago I went with Mia to the vet for her vaccination. And she was so scared! Along the way she began to hyperventilate, drooling, loud meowing and to make matters worse she has pooped in her crate. The poor child was completely stressed out. They say Pixiebobs love a car ride, but if you don’t let them get used to it at a young age, this is doesn’t count for all pixiebob cats. I do hope I don’t have to take her for a ride for a long time. Gladly next year, she will have her vaccination at home when our vet will give our cats their annual vaccination.

Astrid (from Bruce) send me 2 fighting pads for our cats! Bruce just loves his pillow fights and now our cats have one too. So sweet! And our cats love it. There is some catnip in it and they drool a lot while playing with this toy. The fighting pads were totally wet. But they have a lot of fun with that thing! So again thanks Astrid and also on behalf of all our cats!

25 July 2010
Last Friday it was Bruce's turn. He also had been neutered. Because Bruce became a little too wild. Even stealing the bread out of your hands if you do not watch him. He also likes to bite you from time to time, and not that gentle. So now he got his fighting pillow which he loves a lot (see picture). But despite his bad behavior, Astrid and Arjen love this little man a lot. Gladly, everything went well. Only the way to the vet Bruce was not so happy. He was so stressed that he had pooped in his basket! And that smelled terribly! When Bruce returned home he was still a little shaky and disorientated. So first a nap and after that he felt ok and continued his routine;-). Astrid, thanks for the update and the pictures and see you soon! Looking forward visiting you.
21 July 2010
It took a while, but here I am. Millie is so much sweeter since she had been neutered. She now has become friends with Mambo and Leevie. Ok they beat each other on occasion, but most of the time they are friends and even wash each other. She hardly doesn’t growl anymore to the other cats. Though she did scarred Magnum (our Norwegian foreign cat) by chasing him true our entire home. Magnum ran upstairs again as fast as he could. Poor guy. But she does behave exemplary most of the time. I have some pictures of the lovely couples. Very sweet aren’t they?! I also received some pictures from Mireille of her Bumper. Bumper hanging in the screen door with his toy in his mouth! Great pictures! I can’t stop laughing;-). But not so good for their screen door of course. Thanks Mireille!
12 July 2010
Lately I didn’t have the energy to update my website. It is summertime in Holland and it’s really hot. Of course, not only we humans suffer from this heat, all our cats lying stretched out on the floor. I hope the temperature will drop soon. Sorry for all you sunbathers… I also received some updates which I want to thank you for.

Callista called me about Igor. Igor has diarrhea for a while now. She asked me which deworming she should give him for now. I told her that it isn’t strange to get diarrhea with this kind of weather. But it is hard to tell what caused it. When you don’t know what causes it and a cat has diarrhea for a while now, you best can give him Panacur. This is a three day course and it is tasteless and so easy to give. This works for all kind of worms and also for any slight inflammation / irritation in the intestine. I hope it goes well again with Igor and love to visit you soon!

I also spoke to Ton until recently. Ton had adopted Silas a while ago. Silas is doing very well. He is still friends with the other pets and is very active. He is a lucky cat who may enjoy his outdoor games and likes nothing better! Ton I want to thank you for the pictures and I'll definitely come to visit you soon.

Laura has also informed me about Bubbels and Bengel. A few days ago B & B got spayed/neuterd. Bubbels was in heat and Bengel thought he could show his masculinity;-). Though he didn’t know what to do, Laura didn’t want to take any risk. Both are doing well. They had no side effects and played, ate and drank the first day. Bubbels wants to go outside to play, but Laura keeps her inside for now. Otherwise some dirt may enter the cut or her stitches can come loose. Laura also thank you for the update and pictures!

Mireille also kept me informed about Bumper. Bumper needed to go to the vet again since one of her stitches stuck out and the skin was red, thick and warm. The vet gave her a painkiller and antibiotic injection and now she is doing fine. Mireille also gave me a picture of Bumper and Bengel. Bengel has never allowed Bumper to come this close. So sweet! Who knows, maybe they become friens. And if not it, it would be fine if they just accept each other. Mireille thanks again for the update and photo.

I also got a funny update from Astrid about their Bruce. Astrid wrote me that Bruce is very sweet and even with this warm weather he is still active. And this he compensates with some sunbathing against one of their doors. In the week after she went to the vet - since he wasn’t feeling well - Astrid found 4 corner teeth in just a few days time! He is growing and Astrid can see that also his face is growing (see photo). Many people are apparently still a little afraid of cats, but Bruce seems not so sensitive about that. But they all find him very beautiful. After a lot of visits last week from her family and a number of brokers (within a few weeks they will put their apartment for sale) Bruce stayed very comfortable on the bed and did not bother. If something happens on the counter, he now stands right next to Astrid. He loves to look at the water from the tap and has already held his head under the tap 3 times! Very funny when you see his face when one of his ears got wet :-) Fortunately, he understands that if she takes him from the sink and put him on the floor that he should remain on the ground. They also found out that he loves the junior Wiskas pâté. Bruce was a bit tired of the bags of meat, but the pâté was a huge success: Mr. smacks and gulps it away! He eats very well and it shows on the scales, as Bruce weighs approximately 5kg. Two weeks ago they were gone for the weekend and he had to be alone for one night. He was so glad to see them again! He couldn’t stop mewing and wanted to be cuddled all day. Last week both Astrid and Arjen had a few days off of work, so that was a party for Bruce, because now they had extra time to play the game with the bathroom door (Bruce pushes a toy under the door and Astrid pushes it back). They also catching flies together. It's so funny to see Bruce trying to catch flies! He will first softly meow and if it takes him too long he will make a desperate meow. Astrid pushes the fly with a newspaper in Bruce his direction so Bruce can catch the fly more easily. But this game takes a lot longer. If she catch the fly herself she had killed it 3 times by then.... Bruce also likes sheets of paper towel just like Leevie does and if you're not paying attention, he picks the paper out of her hands. Astrid, thanks again for this fun update and pictures!

I also received an update from Wietse and Gerdie of their Sam. In France it is very hot (I'm afraid it will be warmer over there than here in Holland). So they need to slow down and do the heavy work in the morning (I also prefer that). And they do enjoy the shade, they wrote me. Sam is already 5 kg and isn’t spayed yet. So far he doesn’t spray, so they want him to grow a little more. And he has grown a lot! Just look at his pictures! What a beautiful cat! He even begins to get a bigger head with those thick cheeks. And those beautiful tufts on his ears! A very nice fellow, I must say. He is – now he is a bit older - even more cuddly. But if he does not feel like it, he makes that clear. Well that is very pixielike. Furthermore, if they get his leash he comes running to the door. He is very social and enjoys playing with the guests. But he is selective about who he wants to play with. Wietse and Gerdie, thanks again for the update and nice pictures!

4 July 2010
After only a day or two Millie was feeling a lot better. I finished the antibiotics, but didn’t need to give her anything for the fever since the fever was gone after one day. All our four-legged friends are doing well, but lay down on the floor and hardly move anymore ;-). It's summer and we are not accustomed to this heat yet. It comes so fast. I still got to get used to the heat, but fortunately I no longer sweat at every step I take.

I also received some updates again. To begin with Bumper. Bumper had been spayed last Thursday. She is the first one in heat from our litter of December 22. As Mireille will go on holiday in a few weeks, it was better to get Bumper ‘fixed’ before her holiday. Because cats in heat can escape easily to find themselves a lover;-). Besides that they usually go in heat several times in a row and that won’t do them any good. They will lose a lot of weight. Gladly everything went well. She recovered very quickly. The first day she already ate and drank, tried to catch flies and loved the cuddles Mireille gave her. Mireille, thanks for the update and photos of Bumper right after her surgery. You can really see she is a bit dizzy.

Laura also gave me an update and photos. To begin with Bengel. She had to take him to the vet, because he limped a bit. But the vet couldn’t find anything. No wound or swelling. Perhaps bitten by an insect? The vet could hardly restrain Bengel, because Mr. B didn’t liked to be touch by this strange man…. And this boy is strong! Laura wrote me that he always behaves very well at home;-). Furthermore, Bengel is a Bengel (Dutch word for a naughty boy)! This time he peed on a bag of litter! He probably didn’t find his litter box clean enough… And when Laura picked him up, he kept on peeing while she was holding him! And she also needed to wash his paws and tail, since a plastic bag won’t absorb anything. I think this is really unacceptable behavior and gladly my cats don’t do this. Except Major urinates on multiple spots, but that is common for a stud. It seems like Bengel thinks this is a game. Laura, next time you need to get really angry at him! Try to spray him with water. I know that he doesn’t like water. But normally Bubbels and Bengel are very sweet she said. See photos of B & B in the garden. Bubbles loves to relax in the hammock, Bengel is chilling on the towels and both love to play with their toys. Bengel now weighs 4.1 kg and Bubbels 2.6 kg. Furthermore, the smartest of the two of them is Bubbles. She has found out how she can escape from the window and has already experienced a roof adventure. Gladly, Laura could catch her easily by rattling their food bowl. So they aren’t that smart;-). Laura, thanks again for the update and photos.

Diary 18) 4 July 2010 - 31 July 2010