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Simba & Nala
Mireille & Bumper
27 June 2010
Yesterday I visited Laura, Ron, Fleur and Merel and their cat Bubbles and Bengel. They have a beautiful home! And they are so good to B & B! A lovely garden where they are allowed to play, a big house and they get a lot of cuddles from all of them. Bubbels and Bengel are so lucky and this counts for me too. Laura had even bought me some delicious bonbons. So sweet! Too bad that I didn’t take a swimsuit with me. Because they also have a heated pool! And it was hot Yesterday, so a swim had certainly be refreshing. Bengel and Bubbles are very sweet. They didn’t knew me anymore, but I could cuddle them. Bengel looks so much like our Leevie. Bubbles has her own look. She is lighter in color and (for now) small and delicate. Both have a nice soft coat. I've enjoyed my visit and want to thank Laura and family once again for taking such good care of B & B and for the lovely afternoon! Attached you will find some pictures of my visit.

Mireille wrote me that Bumper also lost the other corner tooth. So no more tooth problems. But now this lady is in heat! Very young, but it is probably due to her genes since Major was also a father at a very young age. Herewith a few pictures Mireille sent me. Thanks again for the update and pictures Mireille.

Erwin also gave me a few pictures of Simba and Nala. Simba and Nala are doing very well and feeling home already. I am very happy about that. Erwin, thanks for the update and the lovely pictures!

Last Friday I went to the vet with Millie. She has an inflamed mammary glands, a high fever and a lot of pain. Strange, knowing that she was spayed. My vet didn’t saw this before by a spayed cat. Now she growls as ever ... But she will recover soon with antibiotics and some metacam (for the fever and for the pain).
Bumper walking on the fence
Bumper walking on the fence
Bumper walking on the fence
Bumper lost her teeth finally!
Bumper lost her teeth finally!
Bruce is looking silly
Bruce taking a nap
20 June 2010
Last Monday, the vet was at our home for the annual vaccinations. 9 of our 12 cats have gotten their annual vaccination. Fortunately, everything went smoothly and they were all healthy. However Magnum and Magic will return to our vet later this year ... Tartar! So they will get a small doses of anesthetics and then my vet will clean their teeth. Leevie is doing very well. Actually, we hardly noticed anything. The same night he played again and this while he just had been spayed. Leevie now weighs 4.3 kg. That goes fast! As you read in my previous diaries, kittens love to steal our toilet rolls ... Well Leevie had been looking for something bigger and run off with our paper towels! Of course he isn’t allowed, but it looked so funny that we had to made some pictures. See how the little rascal is ruining our paper towel ;-). Mambo had been practicing his 'masculinity' with Mia these last few days. Only he didn’t know what to do. Therefore I assume that Mia is not pregnant. But they had at least some quality time together. Yes, Mambo is obviously not as experienced as Major and handles the ladies gently. Major won’t let his partner go while Mambo looks a bit at her and bites her neck gently. More than that I didn’t notice. But it does not matter. Am so happy that he begins to show a little interest in the opposite sex. I also received some updates again. First an update on bumper. He finally lost one of his corner small teeth. See photo. For now she doesn’t need to go to the vet. Mireille is still madly in love with her Bumper. And this love is so deep. I love to get other people just as excited as I am about the pixiebob. Furthermore Bumper becoming more enterprising. She even climbs the fence and walking over the edge and peeking at the neighbors ;-). She has copied this from Banjer and thought: "What Banjer can I can also!" Mireille, thanks again for the update and nice photos and I look forward to your visit to us and our cat! I also got an update and pictures of Bruce from Astrid and good news this time. Bruce is feeling better and active as usual. As Astrid wrote: "He plays all day with his toys." And he lets his dashes his toys everywhere. Yes, I have not seen a cat who cleans up his own mess ;-). But Bruce is also a very brave guy. He doesn’t grumble when they take him for a ride. No, this guy wants to sleep on your lap while driving. Leevie - on the other hand – meowed the whole way to the vet. So well done Bruce! And when Bruce was visiting Astrid her parents he simply took a nap! And he didn’t mind that Astrid and Arjen were teasing him a bit by putting a toy mouse on his head (see picture). So no fun for Astrid and Arjen. Astrid, thanks again for your update and nice photos! I also received an update on Bubbels and Bengel from Laura. Bengel also has his big corner teeth while the small one is still stuck. Yes, we now all check the teeth from our kittens;-). But I am almost sure that in a short while the small one will come out. They keep me informed. Bubbles also weighs around 2.5 kg and Bengel about 3.8 kg. Bengel is slightly lighter than his brothers Leevie and Bruce, but not a bad weight for his young age. This also applies to Bubbles. She is a lady and they are lighter in weight. Though I hope they will be bigger than the average cat since Major gives me large cats and Macy is very big herself for a female cat. Time will tell. Furthermore, I really look forward visiting you Laura! Just another week and I'll be coming your way. Thanks again for the update and see you the 26th!
12 June 2010
I have received a nice update and pictures from Laura and her pixiebobs Bubbles and Bengel. Thanks Laura! Bubbles and Bengel are so beautiful! Laura loved the movie and picture of Bruce in his football shirt. Laura also sees a lot of her pixiebobs in the brothers and sisters of B&B. Bubbles is still a smart and bold lady who knows to open the screen every time. Nothing stops her! Even when they barricade the screen door. She will push herself through. Bengel is trying to make friends with the family bunny as you can see in the picture. And he also wants to help weeding;-). Bengel weighed about 3.7 kg and Bubbles around 2.5 kg last week. Yes, they grow well. Thanks again Laura for the great photos and the update!

I also received a funny update from Mireille of her Bumper. Although in the beginning we both thought it was funny… All kittens (born late in December) are currently dentition. But bumper gets her big teeth while the small canines are still tight! Yes, it gives a funny picture. But after some research by Mireille shows that this can cause problems ... I asked her if she can move the small teeth up and down, but the small canines are stuck! She has already spoken to her vet and he recommend to wait for a few weeks. But if they still are stuck by that time, they need to be surgically extracted. I keep my fingers crossed, because it is always a bit scary to put your cat under anesthesia. I have never seen this before and I am curious if they will get loose their self..

I also received an update on Bruce from Astrid. Bruce didn’t feel well these last few days. A bit lethargic and he didn’t ate as much as usual. Yes, if I get this kind of messages, I hold my breath. Astrid went to the vet just in case. Her vet find out that Bruce was dentition very rapidly. So more teeth at ones. So he had a hard time eating and besides that he had a slightly increased temperature. So the vet gave Bruce some pain meds and antibiotic and he is feeling much better now.

Furthermore, Karin sent me a few nice pictures of Neo (brother of Maya) and Charlie (from my first litter). They are so beautiful! Thanks Karin for these beautiful pictures and I'm glad to hear that Charlie and Neo do well.

Poor Leevie lost his masculinity yesterday. I was so scared - now Mia is in heat – that he will try to make his mother pregnant. Of course we keep an eye on our cats, but it is a lot easier this way. Even though I am not sure that he was ready for it. Gladly after a few hours he began to play again. What a wonderful boy he is. Mambo on the other hand is allowed to but he doesn’t know what to do. Perhaps he is a bit of a late bloomer. Nevertheless, I am very happy that he (still) NOT spray! Millie is doing well. She is even sweeter than she already was and doesn’t blow to our other cats that often anymore. She really has changed so much after she had been spayed/neutered! I hardly recognize her. Before she grumbled against all other cats and now she lets the others even come close to her without constantly humming. I am so pleased with this development!
5 June 2010
Last week Millie suddenly lost a lot of discharge from her vagina. She also tried to press if she had to deliver a kitten. I didn’t understood what was going on. She could not be pregnant. But what else? The discharge was odorless and she had no fever. Besides she was active, eating well and was very cuddly. So I didn’t think that it could be an inflammation of her uterus. For that reason, I waited another day. The next day it was back to normal. Although it seems… So I was happy. But the day after that - Friday, May 28 – she began to flow again. So I took her to my vet. The vet looked at the discharge under the microscope and saw that this was pus. So it was an inflammation after all. I left her at my vet and they have her uterus and ovaries removed. Fortunately, she does very well. The wound healed nicely, she has no fever, is active and eats well. Of course I regret that I no longer can breed with her, but the health of our cats is much more important than breeding. But most of the time you don’t know the cause. Was it the pill? Is it because she was in heat so often? But I'm glad I discovered it on time and that she is feeling a lot better.

Simba and Nala have gotten a new home. Unfortunately I got almost no response to my add. Very strange since I didn’t had a hard time finding my kittens a new home. Such beautiful and sweet cats. But gladly the owner of Simba and Nala find them a new home himself. And these people don’t live too far from his house. So he can visit his cats when he wants to. These people have even emailed me and sent a few photos which I want to thank them for! They do great and have a lovely new home. People who are home a lot and have enough time to give them a lot of attention. Besides that they also have a nice garden where Simba and Nala may play. I want to thank all the people who helped me looking for a new home for Simba and Nala.

I also received a nice update, photos and a video from Astrid of their Bruce. This is what Astrid wrote:
Hi Linda, How wonderful that you succeeded putting the movie on your site! Bruce finds it very exciting when I am printing something. He comes rushing in the room when he hears that the printer is running. I also sent a photo of Bruce in his World Cup outfit, and a picture of Bruce outside in the garden! I know that you shouldn’t put cats cloths on so when he looks a bit sad I take his shirt of;-). Now with this beautiful weather we let Bruce out a lot. He loves chasing flies, ants, etc. Meanwhile, Bruce is doing great. If there is something interesting to see, he comes to us. But if not interesting enough will continue what he was doing. Only when he thinks he is doing something “bad”, he usually hides under the bed or sofa. But so that he can see me and I can see him. He now knows if we really want to sleep (and really do not want to play anymore). And if he still wants to play, we put him in the living room. Usually it took a few seconds before he came back at our bedroom door and started to meow. And now he waits a lot longer. He is getting big and can jump higher and farther than before. He purrs a lot and even louter than before. We already have improved our understanding of his sounds, if he is happy he makes a kind of "purrrr" sound, or when he is playing he makes some bark sound, when we come home and greet him he makes a "hey hey" sound and besides he has his nagging "meow" if he wants something but can’t. Furthermore, some shorter "meow" in a row as he clearly has something to tell us. He also (sometimes) put his paw on my arm or hand. But this behavior, we have not quite deciphered .... Bruce has vomited this morning. I thought that he had a hairball. But it was green with a piece of plastic. Yes, he loves to chew on plastic, he even jumps on the counter when something of plastic packaging material is located. This morning, he also discovered to open a door by jumping to the door handle and then pushing against the door! Did you find a new home for Simba & Nala? I have told a friend of mine, but 2 cats at once was a bit too much for him. Good for you that you took some time for yourself during the holidays. We did too and last weekend we spent a lot of time cleaning our home (needed to be done).
Nice weekend! Regards, Astrid

Astrid thanks again for this nice update and nice video and pictures! Very funny how Bruce runs a way with a piece of paper. And that shirt! Cool! He wants to go to the World Cup himself! Only that plastic ... I know that cats are fond of plastic. Delicious to gnaw. But it is so dangerous. So we have to keep a close eye on our cats and make sure that we don’t leave plastic bags for them to get their paws on.

Diary 17) 5 June 2010 - 27 June 2010