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29 May 2010
Last Saturday I paid Mireille and family a visit. It was so nice seeing them again and to see how Bumper was doing. I want to thank them again for their hospitality. Bumper is so sweet and easy going. She even sat on my lap. She will listen to her name if you call her. She will run to you immediately. And she has also some odd habits. Just like all cats have of course. She loves for example the smell of Glassex (spray to clean windows/mirrors). When Mireille has cleaned her glass table Bumper will jump on it and sniff it. I know that some of my cats like the smell of chlorine, but Glassex?? Herewith a few pictures of Bumper. She is a beautiful lady and it is easy to take pictures of her. Mireille, again thanks for your hospitality and the great care of Bumper.

Furthermore I couldn’t resist taken a picture of this love couple;-). Mambo and Leevie are (for now) inseparable. So sweet;-).

I also received a lovely update with a lot of pictures. This time from Callista and Ben about their Marilyn and Igor. This is what Callista wrote to me:
Hi Linda! Finally some news about Marilyn and Igor. They are doing very well and grow very fast. Actually they were quite quickly accustomed to their new environment and to each other. What an easy cats are they. You can notice that they have had a lot of attention and hugs from you since they still are very cuddly. They love attention! It's funny to read about their parents Maya, Macy and Major on your website. Because we see that they have some of the same traits as their parents. Igor is for example very jealous when we give Marilyn attention. He is just like your Major. He will jump next to Marilyn or meows very loud.  He is so cuddly and loves everybody who will give him attention (just like Macy). He will not waste time and jumps on your lap when he can. He seems to feel relaxed anywhere, anytime. He is a sweet boy and you need to cuddle him. Especially when he looks at you with those cross-eyes. Marilyn has features of Maya. She is a really nice lady. An elegant slim girl with big eyes and a fur collar around her neck. But she doesn’t like to be touched by strangers, let alone that she will show herself to everyone. If the ice is broken, then she allows herself to enjoy some head scratching (preferably under her chin) and she will chat a lot (as Major). We regularly take them along in the car. In a carrier box or on a leash, because we sometimes need to work in our home in the west for a few days. This gives no problems and in the other house, they feel completely fine as well. They can walk in the garden without a leash, because they can’t go any further than the property division. In Germany, they prefer to sunbathe on our balcony. Ha, ha, Igor makes it hard for me to write since he is purring on my lap and tries to climb over my keyboard of my laptop ... So, he's off again after a few hugs and I can go back typing. Last May 20th we took Igor and Marilyn to our vet in Wehl for the first time. They both had a junior check-up, their nails clipped and they had been chipped. The vet was very impressed by Igor particularly about his large poly feet. They were both found completely healthy and growing really like cabbage! Marilyn weighed after 6 months about 3.3 kg and Igor after 5 months already Igor 3.9 kg! Who would have expected that this former little kitten who was so sick turned out so big! We are soooo glad that we did choose to keep him! During the trip to the vet we had Marilyn neutered. It is now five days after surgery and she is doing great. The wound has already healed. When she came home after surgery she was still a bit drowsy and drunk from the anesthesia, but a few hours later she was already busy catching flies and mosquitoes. Her neutering had to be done so soon since Igor did try to prove his ‘manhood’ (see picture). Last night I gave them both a shot of Stronghold. I have added some pictures with this update of the last 2 months. It was not easy to select the best, they are all nice. Dear greetings from me and Ben and a big hug from Igor and Marilyn.
Bubbels, Bengel & Fleur
Bubbels & Bengel
Bruce playing soccer
Bubbels & Bengel
Bruce his new cat tree
22 May 2010
I will visit Mireile and her family today. I am really looking forward seeing them again and Bumper of course. I will take some pictures of Bumper and put them on my website soon.

Astrid sent me another udpate, photos and a video from Bruce. This is what Astrid wrote:
Hi Linda, As you probably noticed in my previous mail I had forgotten to attach the photo. This is his new climbing pole. Meanwhile, Bruce begun his preparations for the World Cup (see video). Bruce secretly hopes - now that van Nistelrooy is not playing - he might go instead;-). I saw on your website that you are looking for a new home for 2 of your former pixiebobs. That is so sad for them .... Very sweet that you help them find a new home. We enjoy these free days a lot. Also we noticed that Bruce adjust to our new rhythm (going to work). He is now very excited when we come home in the evening and will run through the house so happy to see us. In the morning he goes chasing us everywhere, since he knows that we will go away for a few hours. And since we have a few days off we can sleep a bit longer and he comes to cuddle with us. And often at night when I just woke up and look around on the bed to see where Bruce is, he will come and lay next to me. He has now developed his own rhythm: his afternoon nap. Whether we are or at home or not, he will take his afternoon nap! Furthermore, he discovered that sometimes small spiders or ants will come true the garden door. He can sit for hours waiting and when he caught one, he puts his paw on it (very gently so that the ant does not die) or take it into his mouth and spits it back quickly because it tickles;-). Very laughable. We will try to take a picture of that. Have you had nice holidays? Regards, Astrid
Well I laughed a lot at your update. Very funny. And Bruce can play football! I finally succeed to put a movie on my website for the first time! So now visitors can also see Bruce in action. And what has he got a nice climbing pole! Lucky Bruce! Yes, we have enjoyed the holidays. Can’t get enough of it ;-). Astrid, thanks again for this nice update and for the photos and video of Bruce.

I also received a nice update and pictures from Laura of their Bubbels and Bengel. This is what Laura wrote to me:
Hi Linda, A new message from B & B. They are doing well! They get cuddled a lot and they both are so sweet. Occasionally they are very naughty too, like Bubbles this morning. The garden gate was open, and the screen door was shut. I was upstairs for a short while and came down and didn’t notice anything odd. A friend of mine who was going back home suddenly said: Isn’t that your cat walking in the garden? And yes, Bubbles ran happily in the garden trying to catch flies! She had pushed herself under the bottom of the screen door! At first she was terrified of the screen door, now she knows how to wriggle underneath! We thought that a screen door was the ideal solution. So we can keep the garden door open from time to time! Now we need to think of something else…. Bubbles will search for the highest spots. Occasionally we lose her, but then you need to look up and you will find her. Bengel is very jealous as he can’t jump so high (yet). As you see, Bubbles sits on top of the hood in the kitchen and Bengel is watching. Besides the hood she will also jump on higher spots like our wardrobe, but I have no picture of that. Furthermore, they find it so much fun to walk outside. Only their leash isn’t ideal. The line will stick behind anything since they love to go underneath, in between, over, anything. Eating grass is a favorite hobby of both. Bengel also likes to pee in the grass. First he will dug into the grass and afterwards he bury it! They are real top models as you can see. Easy to take pictures of them. The wagging tail of Bubbles is so cute! If you pat her back or she's out hunting or fighting with Bengel then she will waggle her tail. They can both make lovely sounds. They do have different sounds depending on the occasion. Bubbles makes soft sounds and Bengel much louder. If they see you getting their can food, you can’t walk anymore. You just fall over them and they will meow so loud. They love to walk on the window-ledge. And they will move back and forth when they see birds in the garden or leaves fall out of the trees. It's really a comical couple. Bubbles is still very focused on Fleur (our daughter). When Fleur comes home from school, Bubbles is greeting her by meowing and will roll on the doormat. I can come home 10 times a day and she will do nothing! She will continue her nap. Maybe I am doing something wrong…………. Bengel will sit on the laundry basket to see if I'm in the shower. If I come out of the shower, he attacks my legs and towel! And when I am brushing my teeth he wants me to play with him. B & B are a nice couple. They can really demolish each other by occasion, but they do almost everything together. If one is looking for the other they meow at each other very loud until they have find each other. I hope you will find a new home for Simba and Nala. What a difficult decision for the current owners. I hope they get a nice new home. Regards, Laura
Laura, thanks again for this lovely story and the beautiful pictures! And I am looking forward visiting you in the near future. So nice to see you all again and to see how Bubbles and Bengel have grown.
15 May 2010
I'm still looking for a permanent home for Simba and Nala in Holland. If you know some nice cat lovers, please let me know. They deserve the best! Unfortunately I already have 12 cats of my own (of which 7 are pets) at this moment. Otherwise I had taken them myself. But 12 is more than I can handle and I don’t want too much stress in this group. So I really need to find them a new home. It is so hard for both the owners and for Simba and Nala…...

I have a few updates which I want to share with you. To start an update from Wietse and Gerdie about their Sam. This is what they wrote me.
Hi Linda and Gerrit,
Sam is doing fine. He has no troubles traveling back and forth between France and Holland. But he does sleep a lot after such a trip. In our house in Welsum (Holland), he adjust just fine. Walking on a leash in our garden here in the Netherlands is no problem. This we find very special. They adapt so easily and we do not notice stress or other discomfort. He uses the litter box and other stuff just as easy in Holland or in France. He doesn’t care. He is really big and also a bit stubborn from time to time. But overall he is a cuddly cat how loves hugs and kisses. But visitors he needs to know first. Playing on the stairs and throw a ball is Sam’s favorite game. He brings the ball back to you until he is fed up. And then he will lie on top of it. He has a very arrogant look. I will try to take a picture of his look. As you can read, we enjoy Sam’s company. Nice to read all these updates of all the other kittens. Sometimes so recognizable. If I read all these naughty things they do, we think that Sam is not so bad after all;-). Have a nice Sunday and till next time. Warm greetings, Gerdie and Wietse and a paw from Sam.
Gerdie and Wietse, again thanks for this nice update.

I also received an update and photos from Mireille of Bumper. This is what she wrote me.
Lin gosh, this morning when I looked at your website I was a bit shocked. Simba and Nala needing a new home? Why? Can imagine that it really hurts to let your beloved cats go. Herewith an update on Bumper. I have not written much lately, since there wasn’t any news. And although we have taken many pictures, most of them are the same ... A sweet cat that we can’t get enough of. Bumper is now over 2.5 kg. I read about the other kittens that they sometimes are scarred of visitors, well that doesn’t count for Bumper! She loves everyone who comes to visit us. Unlike Banjer and Bengel who will run away when we have company. Bumper is wonderful, active and (unfortunately for me and Banjer) found a new place to sleep. Above the attic is a box of shoes where normally Banjer sleeps during the day. Well, she has managed to take over Banjers sleeping place and has slept there constantly since yesterday. Not nice for me, because now I sleep only with Banjer. I just hope the fun will be over soon and she will sleep with me again. And Bengel didn’t sleep with me also. Not nice of them;-). Yesterday it was mothers day and I got a gift from Rene which was already opened by Bumper. She likes everything what looks nice and is interesting to her. But also she still likes hugs and kisses. And she even likes to ‘milk’ on my blanket. And if she does that with her paws she goes into a trance while dancing. Yesterday I cut her nails. Only the extra nails, because they had grown considerably. And although she doesn’t like it, it has to be done.. But I can’t cut her alone anymore. I do need help. Someone else must take her on their lap and she will sit still. But it's goes well this way. Dealing with Bengel and Banjer goes well for her. Only Bengel will forget that she is smaller and that she fights harder. But they also sniff at each other and Bumper will attack Bengel also from time to time. Who is the boss, is not clear. Bengel is larger and dominant, but Bumper doesn’t care. Besides playing with several balls and mice, Bumper loves the straw of the guinea pigs, a piece of paper or leaves of the plants just as much. The only thing she dislikes is her leash... Walking on a leash outside isn’t something she likes and I don’t think she will in future. She looks very sad as Bengel and Banjer are allowed to go outside. And she doesn’t understand why they can and she can’t... Yesterday I went outside again and closed the door behind me since it was cold outside. And it wasn’t fun anymore for her. We are still thinking about a screen door that works for all cats and also about how we can make our garden a safer place, but for now she does have to wait till it becomes a bit warmer before she may go outside. There is not much else to report. Only that I enjoy her company immensely. I carry her already deep in my heart and she has a really special place. For me she is just like a little baby. My little tiger. I've already told her that you will visit us in about two weeks. I'm Very curious if she will recognize you. And what you think of her. Everything ok with you? Super Nice photos on your website by the way. And wonderful to see you again soon. Lots of love, Mireille.
Mireille, thank you for this lovely update and beautiful pictures. Still a week and I will see you all again. I am looking forward to that. I think that bumper will not recognize me, but we'll see;-). But I do hope she will of course.

Diary 16) 15 May 2010 - 29 May 2010