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Marilyn & Igor
Bubbels & Bengel
27 March 2010
It is suddenly quiet. Yes, those kittens were very present. And with only two kittens – Leevie and Bumper – it is so quiet. But I don’t need to worry. They are all doing so well. I also received some updates which I want to share with you.

Yesterday evening Mireille, Rene and their children Sharon and Jeremy came to pick up Bumper. It was lovely seeing them again. I know that Bumper will have a great life with these sweet people. Only a little sad for Leevie .. He will be without any kittens for one more week. He will be picked up coming Saturday. But I will see if Mambo wants play with this little man. Mireille and Rene, I want to thank you again for the adoption of Bumper and we certainly keep in touch.

Martijn and Corrinda also gave me an update on their Pipo and Momo. This is what they wrote to me.
You really raised the sweetest little kittens! They are both so sweet, even to the people who come to visit us. Theye aren’t shy at all. They prefer to sleep together on their scratching pole and when I (Martijn) enter the room in the morning, Momo begins immediately to meow :-). Only this morning she suddenly limped. I think she dropped of from something ... .. We will stop by our vet to be sure. I will let you know how she is doing. Is it quiet in your home without all these kittens?
I want to thank you for the update and am curious if Momo is doing ok. And yes, it's definitely a lot quieter over here ;-).

Laura has also briefed me on their Bubbels and Bengel. This is what she told me:
All is going well over here with Bubbels and Bengel. The journey home took longer than planned, unfortunately, since there was a traffic jam. After an hour into their basket Bubbels and Bengel were tired of it and started to meow. Fortunately it did not lasted long. Ron and my parents were home all anxiously waiting for us. We had only just released them in the living room to discover their new environment. Bengel investigated our home and started playing with toys, Bubbles had quickly found a good hiding place and stayed there. At night they had slept with Merel and Fleur our daughters. Although sleeping ..... Bengel and Bubbels had much more fun playing than sleeping!

Sunday morning they discovered the first floor, the stairs and the living room. It all went well, until they got tired. So we gave them a bit rest in a room above. They have already seen a lot of visitors. Many neighbors and friends and girlfriends of Merel and Fleur came to watch them and play with them. B & B behaved very well. This morning they explored the first floor and attic. They know where they can find the food, water and the litter box. Bubbles did drunk some water, but Bengel only sniffed at it. Last night Fleur thought lets do some water in another bowl. And that helped! He drank the whole bowl and underwent a complete behavior change! He started to play! He was literally "refreshed"! Today they played a lot alone and with each other. It is very nice to watch how they interact with each other. Occasionally Bubbles wags her short tail like a dog, so brilliant! They hunt each other from one room to another. Bubbles already knows how to open a door. She jumps up to the door handle, but gladly she can’t reach it yet. She is a very smart lady. Bubbels purrs a lot, but Bengel I have not heard purring yet. But both are still scared of loud noises.

Today they are so lovely to each other. They sleep and play together and washing each other. Great to watch! But they also can be a bit rough on each other. Don’t they hurt each other? Sometimes it is Bengel hurting his sister, but mostly the other way around. Bengel finds the scratching pole great, but Bubbels doesn’t find it very interesting. Very funny to see that one toy is great for the one and one toy for the other.
Laura, I want to thank you for this lovely update and for the pictures of Bubbles and Bengel. So nice to know that all goes well. And yes they do heart each other by playing from time to time. But that is common. All we can do is correct them now and then make sure that their nails kept short. And I like making use of the offer to drop by sometime.

Also an update from Gerdie and Wietse of their Sam. This is what they wrote to me.
A short message from France. First, congratulations on your new job. How nice for you.
And are you already used to the fact that most kittens are left for their new home? It goes very well with our Sam. It is a real sweetheart, he is exciting and all our friends who stayed a few days are friends with Sam. Sam is super exciting. Captures leaves and everything that moves will be examined. Later on – when he got tired - he lies on top of his climbing pole. But meanwhile keeping an eye on everything. He also finds Rico (the parrot) very interesting. He loves confronting him. So far we haven’t had to intervene. Only he has very sharp teeth that he like to put in your fingers while playing. So our hands look slightly damaged. What we both really like is that Sam is responding so well to all new things. He is not easily impressed by anything.
Thanks for this update Gerdie and Wietse. I am very pleased that Sam is doing so well. Such a long journey and then suddenly from a home with a lot of cats to a home without none. I am very surprised. I really thought he would need longer to settle.

I also got some nice pictures of Callista and Ben of their Igor and Marilyn. Igor has been a real macho and Marilyn is a bit reserved. But they are already friends. And they also are doing very well. I want to thank you again for everything and of course for these beautiful pictures.

Silas his first day
Final pictures of the kittens living with us.

All kittens drinking catmilk together and a visit to our vet.
Noa and Dana
21 March 2010
Finally a note from my side. Lately I've been very busy and had so little time for my website. Besides the lovely visits, I had to prepare for the departure of the kittens and I was also looking for another job. All this next to my big household and the care and attention for our cats and kittens. But all the preparations for the departure of the kittens are ready and I got a new job! So I can finally update my website again.  

Sunday, March 14th Sam was the first kitten to leave. Sam is the kitten of Gerdie and Wietse from France. He has made a long journey, but everything went well. The first day he didn’t eat or drank. But this is common, since everything is new to him. But soon I got the good news that he is doing well. He explores his new home, sleeping on their lap and he also eats and drinks. Yes, Sam is lucky with these sweet people. He gets a lot of freedom and can enjoy the beautiful scenery in France! We (Gerrit and I) miss Sam a bit, but with this good news we will come over it;-). Gerdie and Wietse, thanks again for everything and we keep in touch!

Monday, March 15, the kittens of Macy and Mia received their second vaccination. It went well - see picture of my vet Mrs. Dijkman and my friend Hennie - but when we went home one of the kittens was so stressed that he/she pooped in the cage. Hennie and I got a bit sick of the terrible smell in the car ;-). And all the kittens were dirty after this! So I had to clean them all. But furthermore it went well and they had no side effects from this vaccine.

Friday, March 19th, I had a visited from Mayte and her daughter Saskia. Mayte and her husband René had adopted Noa and Dana last year. It was so nice to see Mayte and Saskia again and to hear all the nice stories of Noa and Dana. I also got a lot of new pictures of Noa and Dana from Mayte. It was hard to choose which one I had to put on my website since they all are very nice. Dana is the one with tufts on her ears. Noa is the bigger one (especially a larger head). They become so beautiful! Thanks again for your visit and we definitely keep in touch!

Friday, March 19 also Astrid and Arjen visited me and did take Bruce to his new home. I already got a message from them that Bruce is doing well. I want to share this update it with you all:
Already here a brief update on Bruce: He's doing great!
In the bench he grumbled a bit, but soon he was calm and stayed this way the whole trip. In our home he began a brief exploration and call for his family ... After a while he slept on Arjen his lap, purring and washing. Last night he slept in our bed. At 5 I thought: 'I put him on the ground thinking that he may be needed to eat, drink or using the litter box, "but he went back looking for other pixiebobs and played with the curtains and shoes he discovered. I followed him a few times. He looked under the bed and when I picked him up to sit on our bed he jumped off and climbed up again his self. The sounds in the house are new to Bruce. This morning he stayed under our bed when he heard us making breakfast .... Meanwhile there was no eating, drinking or using the litter box from his part. The pee (well it) came while playing with the newspapers, probably a mistake on his part and we put a tissue with a bit of his urine in the litter box. Now hopefully he gets the picture. After a few hours sleep and purring on my lap we got him to drink some cat milk. After that he did ate some can food and dry food. His favorite place for now is behind a chair, because nobody will see him and he can keep an eye on everything. So I put his basket behind the chair. I will send you some pictures and more stories about our "prince" soon.
Astrid and Arjen, thanks again for the adoption of Bruce and this lovely update!

Friday, March 19 Ton and his two daughters came to visit and taking Silas to his new home. I hope that Silas will quickly feel at home. I Also want to thank Ton and his family for adopting Silas. Silas is already feeling home apparently, because today I received the following good news:
Silas his first day went great! The car ride to Tiel went well. Silas was a bit afraid, so the girls had taken Silas out of his cage. They played with him and at one point he fell asleep. At home there was great interest for Silas, children with boyfriends and girlfriends, Silas had a great time. He has already explored the entire ground floor. Clever cat. Tonight we had put Silas in his room with a blanket, water / food and the litter box. Also this went fine. He is still a bit scarred of our dog "Silas hair is going up and he gets a ‘fat’ tail” by looking at him. But gladly our dog is very easy going. Tonight went a bit better. 2 of our cats have to get used to Silas, but our red cat Jochem has already made friends with Silas (see picture). They even sleep together! And I was amazed again and I had to take this picture quickly so I used my iPhone. Silas did discover the aquarium and loves to drink from it just like our other cats. So he learned this already from his cat brothers. Food / drink: no problems. Litter box: he has already discovered and no problems. In short :...... Silas has a great start over here. So now you know how he is doing his first 24 hours with us.
Well this is beyond my expectations. What a brave little man! Thanks for this lovely update. 

Saturday, March 20 a lot of kittens left their parentally home at one time. This was a bit sad for me, but fortunately I had 13 weeks to care for them. First, Laura and her two daughters came to pick up Bubbels and Bengel. It was lovely seeing them again and they also spoiled me with chocolates which I want to thank them for! I hope that Bubbels and Bengel feel at home soon in such a big and new house. I want to thank Laura and her family once again for the adoption of Bubbels and Bengel and I look forward to an update!

Saturday, March 20 also Callista and Ben came to pick up their Marilyn and Igor. They had a long trip to Germany! Saturday evening Callista called to tell me that the trip went well. Igor is exploring his new home and Marilyn is a bit reserved for now. But overall everything is going great. I want to thank Callista and Ben again for adopting Marilyn and Igor.

Saturday, March 20 also Corrinda and Martijn came to pick up their Pipo and Momo. They were so looking forward to this day. They didn’t had a long journey, because they live relatively close by. I hope that Pipo and Momo will be feeling home soon. Corrinda and Martijn, I want to thank you once again for the adoption of Pipo and Momo and I love to hear how they are doing.

Yes, now it is a bit quiet. From the 11 kittens 9 left for their new home. But I still do have 11 cats of my own of course. And besides that they all have lovely new homes and I have Leevie for two more weeks and Bumper till next Saturday to play and cuddle with.

Diary 13) 21 March 2010 - 27 March 2010