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8 November 2009
Mambo already using the litter box. But he doesn’t eat himself. So I feed him with a mix of can food, dry food and cat milk which I mix in the blender. And gladly he loves it! He is also very active and playful. Having fun with us humans, but the other cats find him still a little scary. It’s a pity since he prefers to play with the other cats.
He still loves to take a nap in my arms. See picture. He is so used to people. A sweet little boy and good looking too!

Unfortunately we can’t let Brutus walk in our entire home since he still sprays. But for now I let my other cats – 1 by 1 - keeping him company. And he may walk in our hallway. This is very cleanable. And that is something I can’t say about our living room. Also I visit Brutus with Mambo daily. I am hoping that they will be friends. They do play with each other, but they also find each another a bit scary. But I can’t complain. For now it is going very well between the two of them. I just don’t know how they will interact in future when Mambo is bigger and getting interested in our female cats....

Maya is - as you can see on the pictures – very big! And I do not think this is only due to her pregnancy. Since her belly doesn’t feel so hard. We shall see .... It is a surprise for now.
29 oktober 2009
Millie is into heat and this is terrible. I say terrible, because she is the worst of all my females. She keeps screaming (and very, very loud), rolling on the floor and the worst is that she ignores Mambo regularly. Poor Mambo. He can’t drink enough since Millie has her mind on other things. For now I don’t have to feed Mambo myself, but I will start feeding him soon so he will get used to cat food soon. Knowing Millie she will get in heat again often despites of the birth control pill

Brutus doesn’t know how to behave. He hears Millie screaming for attention and he answers by spraying a lot. So giving Brutus his freedom isn’t an option for now. But I do spend a lot of time with Brutus and Mambo hoping that they will become friends. Mambo finds Brutus very interesting, but once he gets too close Brutus jumps back and taps Mambo softly on his head. Gladly it doesn’t hurt Mambo and he keeps on walking and exploring his world. On the other hand Brutus often gives Mambo a washing;-). So I have hope! If Brutus can’t walk freely in our home in future or if he doesn’t dare, hopefully he will have his buddy and son Mambo to play and cuddle with.

Maya is getting so big! I still keep my fingers crossed that she gives me three kittens at the most. But more important is that her delivery goes well and that she will have healthy kittens. Only one month and she will be due. And within a week or 3 I will know if Macy and Mia are pregnant too.
24 October 2009
Mambo weighs 450 grams and this at just 20 days of age! That is good. He is also a very cuddly kitten. If we just ignore him, he starts to meow. Attention please! Yes, he has nobody to play with and Millie finds Mambo a little bit too small for now. Of course we give Mambo a lot of attention and I hold him a lot. See picture. He nibbles on your fingers and on everything he sees. It is such a sweet kitten. Here a few photos of Mambo. As you can see, he has grown a lot.

I have some good news. Both Macy and Mia have been bred by Major. This time I am sure that it worked since I watched them closely. I bring the ladies 1 by 1 to Major - and after they succeeded - I bring the ladies downstairs. I had them bred 3 times each since I don’t want two big litters. Both ladies didn’t got pregnant after several times of trying. So I needed to be sure if they are (still) fertile. If everything goes well, than Macy expects kitten (s) around December 23rd and Mia will be due around December 25th. So we might have Christmas kittens! And that could be a problem also.... Since we always celebrate Christmas with Gerrit his parents. So I don’t know if I can join them this year. But if I can’t, I need to think of something to make it up to them. Mia and Macy have been friends from Day 1. So this is very well planned. They will be able to take care of both their kittens. When Mia came to live with us, Macy still had kittens. Mia thought that Macy was her mother and even drank milk from Macy for a long time. Maybe she still sees Macy as her mother, since they are still very close.

Maya is definitely pregnant. Now her nipples are big and pink and she is getting so big! I hope that she gets a small litter of 3 kittens…. But if she is this big already, I want be surprised if she gets a big litter… She will be due around November, 25th.

Brutus happily eating well again. Today he could finally walk true our home again, but for now under our supervision. It's still difficult. He is so scared of most of our cats and above all Macy loves chasing him. And just like the last time, his room was filled with all our female cats. He doesn’t know which way to go. But I will put a lot of effort in this. Since it is a dream for me when Brutus will be able to join our group, dares to walk true our home and not be scarred and hopefully no longer spraying....

I have again received some updates on my former kittens. Frencis and Piet wrote me that when they return from shopping, Tommy always has to look in their bag. He wants to know if they got him something;-). See photo. And apparently he got a bit too big for his scratching pole. He almost falls off! See photo. Thanks for the update and pictures!

Eke has written an update on Izzy and Dixie. She also took some pictures with her cell phone, but as you can see they aren’t sharp. But I am glad to receive some pictures since I am always curious how my former kittens develop. Eke wrote me that Izzy is a special case. You can’t make Izzy happy with cat snacks, but he loves to catch a bunch of spring onions and potato peels?? No, Eke I have never heard of something like that! And he is still a little squint she told me. See photo! Of course this won’t change. Furthermore, when Izzy wants a cuddle, he will sit next to Eke and says MAUW! Then Eke needs to stroke the side of his head. Meanwhile, Izzy will bite her gently in her hand ....... and he starting to get a thick fluffy tail! And this is something he always does, Eke explains. Yes, I don’t have seen something like this before, but I must say that this is funny! When Eke stops cuddling him, Izzy gets very disappointed and takes this out on her couch by scratching! Well you must know that this isn’t something I teach my kittens;-). Dixie on the other hand is a real ‘lap cat’, according to Eke! Where Eke goes, Dixie will follow. And when she sits on Eke her lap, and someone walks by, they get hit! Since this lady is very jealous! And I can’t blame her;-). Eke, thanks for this update and pictures.

Then an update about Storm (from Remco and Sara). Sara wrote me that Storm is almost 2 years now. I must admit that I often forget most of their birthdays;-). Storm is still a bad boy and extremely jealous!! This sounds familiar to me;-). Sara and Remco have a new (stray) cat recently. This cat walked in their neighborhood for many years, but recently he had decided to live with Remco and Sara. They had him tested and gladly no illnesses. Only his teeth were so bad that they all needed to be removed. The only cat that has a hard time with this "intruder" is Storm. Blowing and blowing. "It looks like a bottle of deodorant, not normal! ", Sara explains. Storm doesn’t want to share Sara with anyone. And I can’t blame him either. He just wants all the attention for himself;-). Thanks for the update Sara and I look forward to any Christmas photos of Storm!
18 October 2009
Mambo is doing very well. This morning he weight 362 gram. That is a lot for two weeks old. A lovely fluffy and heavy kitten. See photos.

Unfortunately for Brutus it is a different story. I thought -  after he had been spayed - he only would be fertile for about a week. But then I was told by the assistant of my vet that this may take up to 3 weeks. So I had the door of Brutus room open after a few days after he had been spayed. Assuming that Maya and Macy are pregnant, Millie and Mia are still not into heat and Misty and Magic have been neutered a long time ago. So what could happen? Brutus was already exploring our home and our other cats could also take a look in his room. Poor Brutus hardly dared to go outside. All our cats sat in his room and kept an eye on him! And the worst of all ... Macy's is in heat again! So she isn’t pregnant! I had saw successful matings between Macy and Major…. So I thought: "How could this happen?" Another disadvantage is that Brutus now has to wait before we can get him in the group. I can’t afford spontaneous matings. The days that he could run loose (under our supervision), didn’t go well by the way. He is still very afraid and besides he still pees. But of course this takes time. So I can’t make any conclusions yet. But unfortunately I must postpone his freedom for at least one more week.

Yesterday Macy spent some time with Major and this time I observed them closely. The problem is - I think -the following. Once Major has reached its "climax", Macy gets very angry and cuts herself loose from Mayor before Majors "little swimmers" can do their job. Macy is a pretty big and strong lady and she happened to have a very loose neck skin. Major has so little grip at her. So I think Major just not gets the chance to finish his job. It looks like Major can’t handle Macy…. I don’t think this time will work also. Otherwise I do have to find a new partner for Macy who is a lot bigger;-).

I do hope that Maya is pregnant. She has become a lot heavier and her nipples are a bit more pink. But I'm obviously not 100% sure, since I haven’t made an echo. Especially after this fiasco with Macy I will keep my fingers crossed.

Herewith some good news. Today Alwin and Linda (yes, his girlfriend name is Linda too) paid me a visit. Very nice to see Alwin again and this time I also met Linda. They brought Mimi and Buddha with them for me. So nice to see Buddha and his girlfriend Mimi. Mimi is a beautiful young tabby kitten of 4 months (European shorthair). Buddha is now a half year young and almost as big as his daddy Major! So this will promise something! He also has a beautiful fur. Many spots and hardly any tabby. Besides his good looks, he also is very sweet and brave. He even dared to eat with our other cats! Alwin and Linda again thank you for visiting and bringing your cats with you! Here are a few photos of this beautiful couple!
10 October 2009
Yesterday I took Brutus to my vet. He needed to be spayed and since he had to have anesthesia, I asked my vet to check his teeth and to flush his tear ducts also. Poor Brutus! Three teeth were pulled. So besides the pain of his small surgery, he also has pain in his mouth. And eating won’t be easy for now. Especially hard dry food. I must say that he kept himself very well during the ride. As well to the vet as when I picked him up. He just looked a bit around and didn’t made any sound. And when he came home he walked a little and climbed on the top shelf of his climbing pole. He also ate some soft mousse. The soaked dry food I made for him wasn’t a success. Today he didn’t ate anything and I gave him three different kinds of can food. I also gave him some metacam (painkiller). I hope he will eat again soon. Maybe tonight. I just gave him something new. I will keep on trying. Don’t want to force him eating right now. But a cat can only about three days without food. So I will watch him closely.

The other side is that I hardly can’t wait for Brutus to slowly find his place in the group. But first he must recover a bit before I can give him more freedom. And I keep my fingers crossed that he won’t spray anymore;-). Hopefully he forgets what that’s like..... But I am very pleased with this decision. He is such a sweet boy and which cat likes to be separated? If you've read my old diaries, you know that I already tried everything. But Brutus is (hopefully was) only interested in the Pixie females.

Millie and Mambo (yes, we finally have a name) are doing very well! Mambo weighed 225 grams this morning and he is just one week old! Also his eyes are starting to open a bit. Looks so funny! I'm so in love with Mambo! And there is almost nothing more fun than to take care of a kitten from day 1 and knowing that you can keep him for yourself! I have big plans for this little guy. I will try to introduce him to Brutus when he is a bit older. And I also will train him to wear a sort of pants as he walks around the house freely. Furthermore we will give him a lot of attention so he will be a sweet and social kitten. Millie is doing great too. She is so cuddly. And we may pick up Mambo, but when he starts to scream we give him back to Millie of course. Herewith a few pictures of Millie and Mambo.
6 October 2009
On October the 4th around 23:00 hours Millie gave birth to 1 kitten. On October the 5th around 3:30 hours Millie brought her second kitten into the world. Unfortunately, this second kitten had a open palate and needed to put a sleep immediately. On the 5th of October at 8:30 I brought her to my vet. I feel sad about it, but I knew this could happen. Therefore this will be the last litter between Millie and Brutus. Who is to blame? Millie? Brutus? Or a combination of both? I do not know. But I do know that it is common in cats as in humans. But a kitten with a open palate isn’t something that can easily be fixed. If the hole is too large, you can’t operate and fill this hole. If the hole is small, then you could give the kitten tube feeding to a certain age and that for several times a day. This is for me - and I think many of us - not an option since I also work full time.

I've decided to keep this male kitten and Brutus will finally retire. Millie and Brutus give me - despite the kittens with cleft palate - lovely kittens. This kitten has a show length tail and a nice color and coat pattern. Also his weight is something I can’t complain about. Yesterday morning - October 5th - this little one weighed 130 grams and this morning – October 6th 139 grams. What he will bring us in the future I can’t tell for now. Again it is often a combination of several factors. You know it when you've tried a combination. What I find sad also is that he has no brother(s) or sister(s) to sleep with and to play with (when he is a bit older). Since kittens can’t keep themselves warm and mom occasionally go for a walk, I have put a warm jar in the box. On the picture you can see that he likes to sleep on it. Gladly mother and kitten are doing fine. I must still think of a nice name for this little boy.

I also have good news for those who had actually hoped up getting a pixiebob kitten. Both Macy and Maya are bred by Major. Maya will be due- if all goes well - around November 25th and Macy around December 8th. I don’t think they will be having large litters, since I control their being together. I must be honest, I prefer to have small litters. This is better for the mother and easier for me ;-).
Herewith some photos of Millie and her kitten. Aren’t they lovely?
Diary 8) 6 October 2009 - 8 November 2009