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6 February 2009
I received an update on Churchill with some lovely pictures. With thanks to Erica!
Erica speaking: Isn’t he big for his age (two years)? When he stands on his hind legs he can reach the sink in our bathroom. So you have an idea of how big he already is. He weighs 7.2 kg so he is a big boy.
Churchill speaking: I am the biggest here and I try to be the boss over here. And that is easy since I push everyone aside. Accept for Onslow, he is the oldest cat and isn’t feeling very well lately. So I leave him alone. The other three will step aside automatically, since I am the wildest and most busy one and they don’t like that. But I am the one that brings life in the brewery! I want to hunt from time to time and when I can’t go outside (it is winter in Holland - cold and wet) I will play and hunt inside. I will go after Iwan, Emmet and Azrael. Then it is a busy bunch and we will run up and down the stairs and true the entire house. Till Erica screams to stop! She gets a bit crazy from me. But I do know that she doesn’t mean that, since she loves me a lot. But maybe I am a bit wild from time to time. Then I will stop and rest on her bed (look at this charming picture of me) waiting, thinking and organizing my next hunt.

Warm regards, Erica and a kiss from Churchill

Yes he is big for his age. Isn’t he beautiful? He also has those nice spots on his belly just like his daddy Major. And he is such close friends with Azrael. Erica has edited these pictures for me. Only one is a bit dark due to the software I use…
2 February 2009
Millie and Maya are doing fine. I am so curious how many kittens they carry! Can't hardly wait. But in less then two weeks Millie is due. So I need to be a bit more patience. Viv send me a lovely picture of Chaplin and Lin. Aren't they to die for?
28 January 2009
Millie and Maya are getting bigger and bigger every day. Only this time I don’t know how many kittens they are carrying. The only thing I do know is that Maya is carrying at least three. Since we made an echo only to see if everything is ok with her uterus and not to see how many kittens she carries. But I keep my fingers crossed that they don’t carry more then 4 kittens each….. Imagine 12 kittens walking around you’re house… Then you need to watch every step you take. But I am looking forward having kittens again. These kittens are my children. Since I don’t have any news yet I decided to take some pictures of all our cats this time.

As you watch closely you can see how big Millie is getting. Millie is our smallest cat and therefore it is so obvious that she is pregnant. Look at both her sides. I think that she is carrying a lot of kittens….
Maya has gained a lot of weight too. But at a picture it isn’t that obvious yet as with Millie. Also due to her fur which is medium long.
Mia has grown a lot too. And she can eat for ten! She isn’t pregnant, but sometimes it looks like it. But she has to wait a while before she may visit one of our boys.
Muchi is our fluffy British long hair. She is always with me when I am working on my computer.
Magnum is our enormous Norwegian Foreign cat and as sweet as a cat can be. Despites his size he is so sweet!
Major is showing off at this picture. He is rolling on the floor and wants me to cuddle his belly. Can you see his beautiful spots?
Macy is our biggest female pixie. And she will probably grow some more. In the beginning (when she was still a kitten herself) she was sweet to all my cats, but now she hits my other cats frequently. Unfortunately our pixies are so jealous of each other since their hormones making overtime.
Then we have Brutus. It is almost impossible to take a picture of him with his eyes open. I can take a 100 pictures and on each of them he has his eyes closed.
Magic is our American curl and such a sweetheart. She loves to cuddle and bumps her head against your hand when you stop. But she is getting too fat… She has a petit head and a big belly. So out of proportion. Don’t tell her I told you this;-). And unfortunately I can’t put her on a diet. That is impossible when you have 9 more cats…
Then we have Misty. Of course verys sweet just like the others. She will always stay slim. No diet needed for her.
I love each and everyone of them. Each have their own personality which I love so much.
I want to wish you all a Happy New Year! I hope that 2009 will be a great year for all of you and your beloved pet(s)!

1 January 2009
Last Saturday Hennie and I went to Leeuwarden. Hennie I want to thank you for your company and for the big trip! We first visit Eke and her cats. She has a lovely home totally devoted to her cats;-). They have everything a cat heart desires. Eke, we want to thank you for everything and for the good care of Izzy&Dixie! After visiting Eke we went to Erwin and Nadia. The funny thing is that they only live 5 minutes apart. Also Erwin and Nadia have a lovely home. Simba and Nala have everything they could possibly want. Yes pixies get spoiled! Erwin and Nadia, I want to thank you for your hospitality and for the good care of Simba and Nala!

Maya is in heat again and is with Major right now. I think that she will get pregnant this time. Also Millie looks pregnant, but I have to wait a couple days to be sure. I am so exciting! Can't get enough of kittens!

3 January 2009
Still working very hard on this website. Since my other website is not longer available due to technical problems. When I have finished this website, I will put more stories and pictures in my diary.

6 January 2009
The first part of my former diary is back! I have put the first 10 diaries on one webpage. It is a big page, but I have to since I do write a lot;-) and my website is getting bigger and bigger. When I have everything from my old website to this new one, I will come up with new stories.

10 January 2009
Millie is pregnant but Maya we still don't know. She wants to go to Major every time we go upstairs. She still pees in front of his door. I don't understand since I saw that they succeeded twice! Very odd. But we keep a close eye on her.

20 January 2009
Unfortunately filling this website is taking more time then I expected. But soon I will write more. And when Millie her kittens are born I have a lot to write about. Maya isn't pregnant I think.... She still wants to be with the boys and still pees in our home. I can't explain this... probably something wrong. I will wait a few more weeks and then we have to make an echo. If something is wrong she will be spayed/neutered. Her health is our main concern. But we will miss her having kittens....

22 January 2009
Finally all my former diary stories are back! Also the one from the last days in December which you don't have seen yet on my former website. So if you got the time, please take a look. Tomorrow I will take Maya to our vet. They will examine her and if necessary they will send her for an echo too. I do hope there aren't any health issues....

23 January 2009
Great news! Just came back from my vet and he made an echo of Maya her uterus and she is pregnant! Still can't explain her behavior, but I am so happy right now! Herewith a picture of the echo. Here you can see one of her kittens.

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